February 1, 2017

Bar Cart Love: Valentine's Day

We all know that one of my favorite places in the house is our bar cart. I found some of the cutest new additions this year that I wanted to share with you to get you feeling lovey for Valentine's Day.

Most of my decor all around the house has been bought in stages...I like to bring a theme together stage by stage, piece by piece. This year, only a few things are new additions, but I still like to switch up the set up every year. 

I went to Home Goods last week to look for one thing and obviously ended up finding the cutest new garland full of gold arrows and pink and red hearts of all kinds, including sparkles. I'm a sucker for garland so I couldn't resist this one, even though it was kind of a pain to put together. 
Of course part of the newness came from Target. They have the cutest stir sticks in the dollar bins lately for each season, so I picked up these red and pink heart stirrers for our drinks.

The towels came from Target a few years ago, and they had some cute ones this season too...hurry and pick some up before they're gone. The sparkly XOXO is from there too...again, a few years ago. The sparkly fabric garland is from Etsy, unfortunately the shop I got it from has closed. I first ordered an Easter one from this shop and loved it so much I picked up a bunch more for other holidays.

The print came from GroopDealz that I framed in a white frame to make it pop a little. It's a fun cute addition that cost less than $5 total- score! 
I forget where I got the little red tree but the cupcake ornaments were a gift and I now bring them out to sweeten things up for Valentine's Day.

The pom garland is guessed it, Target. I couldn't pass it up because I just love pink and red together. I didn't want to have 18 garlands hanging on the front of the cart so I doubled it up and hung it from the handle on the side. 

My Valentine's tree is also up again this year and I haven't added anything new to it this year because I pretty much love it just the way it is. I may have to look for some more ornaments from Pier One though, that seems to be the only place I find non-Christmas ones. 

I love finding new things to make the bar cart even more fun. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? 

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