January 3, 2017

2016 Favorites & What The Year Taught Me

Happy New Year friends! Personally...I'm not huge on resolutions. I like goals, but I want to be someone who is more mindful EVERY DAY and works toward being an all around better person all through the year.

With that being said, there are some things I definitely want to focus on in 2017:
Find a better way to react in the heat of the moment.
Plan more get together's with friends and venture out to connect with more women.
Encourage and inspire others.
Fall back in love with my body.
Live for today and organize for the future.

I know that all these things won't happen in a day and maybe not in a month, but if I take little steps diligently make some bigger leaps forward I know great things can happen. 2016 wasn't so bad and I wanted to take one last look back at some of my favorites from the year.

Favorite New Item In My Makeup Stash: Too Faced Peanut Buttery & Jelly Palette. I just realized I didn't review it on the blog...which makes me want to do more beauty and makeup reviews this year so you don't miss out on buying awesome stuff!

Favorite Post: Stop The Madness 

Favorite Recipe: Savory Sweet Potato Wedges

Favorite DIY: I still love this Starbucks Baby Shower Gift the best...sorry, not sorry. Coffee related anything always wins.

Favorite Hair Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo ...because duh, who likes washing their hair?! Seriously though, this stuff is hands down my favorite.

Favorite Moment: I think celebrating one year with Charlie in Boston had to be the best. It was such a relaxed, fun getaway and it still makes me cry happy tears thinking about how nice it was to escape...just the two of us.

Favorite Tutorial Type Post: How To Style The Perfect Bar Cart

Favorite Read: No One Knows

Favorite Accomplishment: I think that's tough... I had a lot of good things happen in 2016, but I think the thing I'm most proud of is taking a leap and reaching out to a company with an idea for a sponsored post. I had a few sponsored opportunities this year which allowed me to financially take care of some "normal" things during a hard time which was a huge blessing. I reached out to a company in December and they were happy to accept my offer and work together, which meant 100% of Ethan's 13th birthday party was paid for by my blog work. To have something on the side that is fun for me turn around and pay for something important after my husband being out of work for a few months and with Christmas coming up was an incredible blessing. It made me remember that working hard is definitely worth the rewards.

Favorite Trip: You didn't think you'd only hear Boston mentioned once in this post, did you?! We didn't do a ton of traveling this year, but we both loved Boston and definitely recommend visiting there, at least once. I think my favorite most important trip though, was to North Carolina to see my sister in law get married and meet our new niece. Being an Aunt is one of my most favorite things and I love spending time with those sweet little girls. I can't wait to get back!

2016 taught me that I'm more stronger and determined than I thought. It's important to believe in yourself and look inside the many, amazing layers of YOU and dig down deep to get through and keep on keeping on.
The end of this year almost broke me. I went from a huge high of a one year anniversary trip with my husband to spending nights in a hospital crying myself to sleep scared of the future for our family and especially my husband. I'm here to tell can have a bad day, you can have a bad month...but life is seriously what you make of it. The positive people you surround yourself with can be a kick ass reminder of that.
You can dream the dream and you can also live the dream...I'm positive of that. There is no dream too big or mountain too high to climb. One hour at a time, one foot in front of the the work and make it happen.

There's so much hope in a new year, and I want to remember that every single day of 2017. My hope for you all this year is dreams that become realities. If your dream is to have more grace, or only wash your hair twice a week and live on dry do you.
I know that all things are possible with a little hope and a lot of work. 
Dream BIG friends...Happy 2017, let's do this!

Macy and I will be continuing our monthly recap link-up this year and would LOVE for you to join us. Share your favorite moments, a look back on your goals or the best favorites you had from the month. Here are the dates, so you can mark them on your calendar!

Have a great week! Go get it!

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