Dream Big & Buy The Shoes: November 2016

November 30, 2016


You know the beautiful thing about blogging? You can say whatever you want...because this space is your very own.  It's nice to show up and just once in a while dump all your thoughts out there. So that's what's happening today. Come join me...

Eating: Cheez It Snack Mix and wondering why the hell there aren't more Cheez It's in here. I swear 98% of this bag is pretzels.

Looking: at my Christmas trees. Call me obsessed, but I could just sit here and stare. Christmas lights make me so happy and so does pulling out all the ornaments that tell a story over the years. Follow along on Instagram if you're as obsessed as me!
A photo posted by emelia💜 (@emeliaanne_) on

Thinking: I've come to the point where I'm super overwhelmed because it's a busy time of the year. We get extra slammed at work from November until the new year and when I get home I just want to do....nothing. That's not an option. Laundry, wrapping presents, keeping up on things...it kinda takes a lot out of me and I've come to the point where I don't even have tasks or things written down in my planner. It's bad, but it's just one more thing to do and I just can't. Someone please tell me they understand...

Listening to: The Weeknd. I'm a little crazy over his voice lately so on my whopping 12 minute commute (including my wait in the Starbucks line) if he's not on Sirius I make sure to blast some from my phone. I've been driving Chuck's car for the past several weeks and he has XM and I love it, but not enough to get a new car. I'm so stinking close to having my car paid off and can't wait for that.

Making: A few DIY gifts for my grandparents, nephew and nieces and some friends at work. I can't wait to share them and hope they all enjoy them. I want to do a DIY gift for each person on my list, but that doesn't look like it's in the cards this year.

Reading: A great new book that I may have normally never found if it wasn't for Hello Book Lover. I have a review coming soon of what I read this month as soon as I finish this book- The School of Essential Ingredients.

Hoping: I win at least 1 of the 18 Thanksgiving/Black Friday/ Cyber Monday giveaways I entered on other blogs. Come home to mama Mr. Louis Vuitton or Celine or heck, I'll be happy with a $100 Nordstrom gift card. Crossing fingers and toes over here...HA!

That's all I have for now. Back to reading/organizing/wrapping/sleeping or whatever else I have going on right now. Hope you're all having a great week.

Tell me something you're up to lately...what's new with you?!

November 28, 2016

Gift Ideas for the Cozy Homebody

I never get sick of reading posts giving me different ideas for gifts. I L O V E gift giving and shopping for something personal to the person. Since I love cozy nights at home I'm bringing you a variety of ideas for people like me. 

These gift ideas range all over your list from children to hostesses to kitchen connoisseurs, so let's dive in and take a look at all the fun.

Gift Ideas for the Cozy Homebody

Sur La Table cookbook

Kate Spade coffee mug
$21 - bloomingdales.com

Anthropologie bar tool

Lafco candle

Skeem home decor

Love Style Life

This jingle bell bottle opener is so cute and perfect for the holiday bar cart. Anthropologie always has the most chic items for your home and this one would be great with a nice variety of winter brews for your best friends.

Every cook or baker needs some fun kitchen tools. These holiday animals measuring spoons from World Market are so adorable and would make a nice pair with some cookie mix or a cookbook as a gift this season.

I read this book from cover to cover and it is extremely interesting and makes for some beautiful coffee table decor. Love Style Life by Garance Dore is so nice to pick up on a slow afternoon or check out with your best girlfriend.

The cutest gift for kids comes in the form of this mug with a basketball hoop on it. Ethan got one a few years ago and it is fun for the whole family. You can use it for cereal, hot cocoa and just about anything you can dream up.

I love picking up the seasonal appetizer plates from Crate and Barrel. They are the perfect gift for any host or hostess and we've gifted various ones several times to different friends for fun occasions. These jolly tree appetizer plates are perfect for the holiday host and any game night. I'm just imagining some buffalo chicken dip on them now.

Sometimes I wish computer screens had scratch and sniff abilities. One for the above mentioned buffalo chicken dip and also for these Lafco candles. We recently got these in at work and I have made approximately 82 trips over to the display to smell them in the past two days. I am obsessed. They have over 90 hours of burn time, each one smells amazing and they burn clean so these beautiful jars are left to be used as you wish. The Opal Amaryllis is my favorite scent so far, and every homebody needs a good candle.

I know the cost of the Lafco isn't the easiest on your wallet during the holidays, but this Voluspa Prosecco Bellini is another great option and the tin is gorgeous too. You can totally reuse this when you're done with the candle just like the Lafco one.

The Skeem Mini Apothecary Matches will not only make a realistic gift to pair with a candle but look cute on a bookshelf, coffee table or bar cart too. These white gold ones are the cutest.
Nothing says relaxing more than a coloring book. I know these became all the rage last year for us adults who want to hold on to that fun sense of childhood, but I'm still fully on board with this and am not letting go any time soon. This Cozy Coloring Cookbook brings the best of both worlds with recipes to try out, and then color. Yes!!! Bring on the Crayola crayons...the big box please. 152 count what's up!!

If you know anyone who loves food and hanging at home, they NEED Chrissy Teigen's cookbook , Cravings. Not only are the recipes incredible, she is one hilarious chic. I have never laughed so hard browsing a cookbook. I made the French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes the morning of Thanksgiving so everyone wouldn't have to worry about what to eat and make another mess in the kitchen we would have to clean up and it was so delicious.

Repeat after me...everyone needs a Moscow Mule. I think we all can agree...and this set of Mini Mule Mug's are ideal for a hot summer afternoon on the deck or a cozy winter weekend inside.

The Speakeasy Tray from Pottery Barn is the one every homebody needs to put your drinks on. You can even get it monogrammed for not much more which adds that extra special touch of personalization.

Last but not least for every tea, caffeine and mug lover who's sitting around enjoying their time at home...this Kate Spade "This is the Life" mug is the cutest. Because what beats life at home? Not much.

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas as we enter full blown holiday season and all hands on deck shopping for every person on your list.

What are your favorite gifts to give someone who loves being a cozy homebody?

November 21, 2016

What I'm Thankful For This November

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things happy and thankful, I wanted to share what I'm grateful for this year. 2016 has been much different than 2015. While it hasn't been an awful year, it hasn't been the best all around, but I'm still very thankful for so much.

The beach- having sand and beautiful sunsets so close to home is amazing. SO many of our nights this past Summer were spent here and they were some of the best this year.

My health- going to the doctor's office is never fun for me. I may have some migraines here and there and deal with anxiety issues, but overall my health is great. I am thankful for that.

Dry shampoo- there's no denying my love and thankfulness from a beautiful bottle of Batiste that saves me a few times a week.

My husband letting me put up one tree before Thanksgiving- Chuck LOVES Thanksgiving (I mean his Twitter bio includes the words "loves potatoes") and just to see me happy he agreed to one tree going up weeks before Turkey Day.

Our job promotions- this year was great for both Chuck and I being able to move forward in our careers. There's days that are stressful, long, and hectic but I know I wouldn't be able to do as many things in my personal life without working hard during the day, so it is all a blessing.

My baking abilities- I may not be the best cook without a recipe in front of me, but I love dreaming up cupcake ideas and more. It's something that relaxes me and makes me happy. Making Ethan's chocolate chip cookies is one of my favorite things to do.

My family- no explanation needed. I'm blessed.

Amazing friends- I always knew I had great friends, but the outpouring of love and support we received a few months ago was beyond what I would have ever imagined. Friends setting up dinners to make sure I didn't have to worry about cooking, sending coffee gift cards to keep us fueled up and just being there to listen and lend an ear. We are very lucky to have such awesome people in our lives.

Fall-it's my favorite season and this one was really beautiful. We didn't have the chance to do as many Fall activities as we usually do, but seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves and having a picture perfect season is alright with me.

Soft blankets- I love cozying up on the couch with a blanket and a candle burning to enjoy a book. I did a lot of that recently on the weekends and it's just what I needed. Such a good feeling!

Trips to the zoo, concert dates, vacations and more- I love getting in the car and going somewhere. Trips really do something great for my soul and refresh my energy. I'm thankful to be able to experience all these things and making memories with the ones I love.

Target dollar bins- decorating has become a top favorite on my list of things I love and it wouldn't be possible without the Target dollar bins. They seriously have the cutest stuff (like I needed to convince you otherwise). I pick up little things here and there that help bring an extra little bit of cuteness to our home.

My blogger friends and readers- all of you make coming to this space really special for me. When our family was going through a rough time I read e-mails, comments and received texts that truly made my days better. I'm so happy I've got the chance to meet some of you in person, and the rest of you that I haven't make me feel like I know you so well by connecting through the Internet and that's pretty awesome.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and enjoy this time with your loved ones. Take a moment and think about all you're thankful for this year. Whether it's the meal in front of you, a new home, or special memories with family and friends...there is always something to cherish. I'll be taking the rest of the week off from the blog to relax and enjoy every moment. See you next week.

Have the happiest Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your support and love!

November 18, 2016

Don't Wait

I've found myself making excuses lately and I don't like it. Since when am I an excuses type of woman? I've spent too much time feeling bad or tired or sad. I vow to make a change and keep on pushing on. Life is too short to wait.

Don't wait. Call your grandparents and have them over for dinner...even if your house is a mess.
Don't wait. Who cares if your hair isn't perfect? Capture the moment and smile for a picture.
Don't wait. Take care of your mind. Unwind, relax and read that book.
Don't wait. Take care of your body. Get up and move. Start that exercise today.
Don't wait. Take care of your soul. Call an old friend.
Don't wait. Eat the cupcake. 
Don't wait. Speak your mind and stand up for yourself.
Don't wait. Buy the pink lipstick. And wear it all Winter.
Don't wait to tell someone how much they mean to you. You never know what tomorrow will bring.
Don't wait. Dream BIG and go after it!!!

Have a great weekend full of things you love. Thanks for reading friends!

November 16, 2016

2 DIY Lip Scrubs To Try This Season

I've made lip scrubs at home in the past and love coming up with new ones for the different seasons. My favorite thing about them is that most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen, so you can make them on a lazy Sunday with no need to leave your house.

how to make lip scrubs

This Raspberry Lip Scrub is a favorite in the winter as we near Valentine's Day, and to get your skin prepped for Winter you should check out my Baby Soft Sprinkled Sugar Scrub too.

Coconut, Honey & Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

make lip scrubs at home

You will need:
2 tablespoons coconut oil
1/2 tablespoon honey
3 tablespoons brown sugar

To make:
Mix ingredients in a bowl
Transfer to glass jar
Use within 2 weeks

French Toast Lip Scrub

french toast

You will need:
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon sugar or just ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon honey
1/4 teaspoon coconut oil
2 drops pure vanilla extract

To make:
Stir the sugar, cinnamon sugar and nutmeg in a bowl
Add in the honey, coconut oil and vanilla and mix together
Stir until all ingredients are well mixed, sometimes folding the mix will help
Transfer to glass jar
Use within 2 weeks

I made both in less than ten minutes and they smell SO GOOD. Try not to eat them when applying to your lips, even though it's pretty tempting. These make great gifts for co-workers, friends and family any time of the year.

diy scrubs

Happy DIY-ing friends! Let me know if you get the chance to make one...or both of these. 

November 14, 2016

101 in 1001: Update Four

I am so excited it's time for another 101 in 1001 update. One year ago I composed this list and I can't believe 365 days of 1001 have already gone by. If you're not familiar with this list, you can catch up by reading this post...but essentially it's a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days. 

I'm so happy to say that I've checked quite a few things off my list from the last update which I wasn't sure would happen. It's so fun to plan some things out that I want to do each month, while at the same time spontaneously accomplishing things too. That's the great part about life, no matter how much you try and plan, it can be spiced up at any moment.

Here's what I have crossed off the list since update number three

Grow my blog to be able to work with larger partners such as BlogHer, Social Fabric & more

I was accepted in to the Social Fabric network and published my first post with them in October where I shared 5 ways to prepare for guests in less than 30 minutes. 

Take a one year anniversary trip
September 26, 2016 we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with an alone trip to Boston. It was every bit of incredible as I could have dreamed and will forever be thankful for that time away together. 

Visit 3 new restaurants and write about them
September was a big month for this list where I knocked a bunch of items off the 1001 things by taking our trip to Boston. We visited 2 new restaurants while on our anniversary trip- the first being Cheers which I talked about as one of the things I fell in love with in Boston
The other restaurant we visited was a small hometown place in Lexington, which was close to our hotel and about 15 minutes outside of the city. I talked about Mario's on the blog last week.

Leave a 100% tip
I did this at Mario's and it was great. Such a good feeling and I hope I made our watiress' day, she was amazing and deserved it!

Take a photography class

I took the Phone Photography Basics class from Brit & Co. offered by Helene from Helene In Between.  This class was so useful and great because my iPhone is something I have on me 99.9% of the time and usually what I'm taking pictures with on the go. 

Get a picture of our own photography on a canvas for décor

I absolutely loved the amount of times we were able to hit the beach at sunset this past Summer and I took so many sky pictures...obviously. One of them was a pretty almost pastel looking color where the lake had a pretty light blue vibe going on which matches our living room decor. I scored a deal on Groupon for a canvas and got it made for $15, which you can't beat. 

Meet another blogging friend in real life
I was able to meet up with Biana when we were in Boston which was awesome. She is just as sweet as you can imagine and gave us so many great suggestions of things to do while visiting her city. Meeting another blogging friend was so much fun, and I hope to one day meet so many more of you!

Travel to a brand new city
As if I couldn't say the name Boston enough in this post, Boston. HA!

Make 5 new crafts
I have now made 4 out of 5 new crafts. Yes, I totally call a french fries Halloween costume a craft. You have no idea how much fun I get out of dreaming up ideas of outrageous things to dress up as each year and I'm already planning next year. I made this fry girl happen in less than 48 hours and I'm damn proud of it. The best part of it was when I couldn't reach my arms around my french fries to type on the computer at work...I've never laughed so hard. 
A photo posted by emelia💜 (@emeliaanne_) on

Find the perfect entertainment stand
We got some much needed new furniture for our living room and while in the midst of rearranging the furniture our entertainment stand broke...oops! It was old too and while we weren't looking to spend money this time of the year, it was another necessity. We found the perfect one that has great doors to hide things like allllll my candles and still holds Chuck's record player so it was a win. While it's not pictured below, our cozy living room is...and I love it so much I had to share it here too.

I've knocked out a good amount and hope to get more done during these Winter months when I don't venture outside much after I get home from work.

Here's an overview of my 101 in 1001 list. What do you think I should knock off next? Any items you've accomplished on your list lately?!

Do a blog photoshoot
Introduce a sponsorship program  *January 2016
Grow my blog to be able to work with larger partners such as BlogHer, Social Fabric & more- *October 2016
Update pages (About Me, Best Of, Sponsor) *March 2016 Check them out here: About MeBest OfSponsor 
Meet another blogging friend in real life *September 2016- Biana from B Loved Boston
Update blog files on my laptop *February 2016
Ask to be a guest poster on a blog *April 2016- Alanna & Company
Make a vlog
Invest in business cards
Get published in a magazine *December 2015- Holl and Lane
Get published in an online outlet *December 2015- Holl and Lane 
Start a blog series  *January 2016- Dreamy Instagram Inspo
Start a monthly service created around a blog niche
Find a blogger in my city to connect with
Collaborate with another blogger on a project *January 2016-Beauty On A Budget with Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick & Stilettos
Take more photos for fashion & beauty posts
Update old posts February 2016 I updated: Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers & Bacon Wrapped Smokies. I updated SEO on another 10-15 posts in May 2016 also. 

Create a recipe book of old family recipes
Make homemade pasta
Take a cooking class
Host a dinner party
Create my signature cocktail
Try at least 3 new foods (1/3) 1-avocado 
Bake a new cupcake flavor from scratch  *Brown Sugar Cupcakes
Visit 3 new restaurants and write about them (2/3) 1- September 2016, Mario's Italian Restaurant- Lexington, MA & Cheers- Boston, MA
Invent a new recipe  *December 2015 Chocolate Mint Christmas Dream
Learn how to grill
Eat from a food truck-  *July 2016
Make 100% homemade Thanksgiving dinner

Health & Fitness
Eliminate pop from my diet completely
Try a green smoothie 
Take a barre class
Find a fitness routine that works for me & STICK TO IT
Buy a bike *August 2016
Stay off electronics at night at least 20 minutes before bed
Give myself 30 minutes of relaxation a day with no phone or computer
Eat at least 1 fruit & 1 vegetable per day for 21 days straight (make it a HABIT)
Go social media free for a weekend

Visit Napa & explore Wine Country
Have an all girls weekend trip
Travel to a brand new city- *September 2016, Boston & Lexington, MA
Take Ethan to NYC
Go on a Segway tour
Ride in a hot air balloon
Take a one year anniversary trip- *September 2016- Boston
Go skydiving & hope my husband doesn't faint watching me
See Britney Spears in Vegas, again
See Janet Jackson in concert
Frame a large map & track our adventures
Surprise Chuck & Ethan with a trip
Go zip lining
Fly a kite 
Take a drive with no destination planned *August 2016
Go on another cruise (hopefully to the Caribbean)
Go to a Steelers home opener game
Attend a light up night event around the holidays
Find a butterfly garden and visit one *August 2016

Professional Growth & Development
Write a children's book
Take on at least 1 "client" and plan an event 
Take a photography class *November 2016
Finish a webinar, whether for my blog or personal growth
Earn a promotion & raise *November 2015, February 2016
Design something for someone- a poster, invite, etc. *April 2016
Make 5 new crafts  (4/5) * 1- Valentine's Garland- February 2016 2- Patterned Dream Board - March 2016 3- Foolproof DIY Baby Gift- July 2016 4- French Fries Halloween costume- October 2016
Market my talents and pursue a side business *February 2016-Etsy shop
Start a poem journal

      Just for Emelia
Have another spend freeze for at least one month
Pay off all loans, except for my student loans (that's impossible for the next several years-ha!)
Read for 30 minutes every day *July 2016
Get my wedding dress preserved
Spend the afternoon at the library without worrying about time
Get a new tattoo
Create a special memorial event just for me to honor my mom
Spend the morning at a coffee shop
Get Britney Spears to tweet me back
Find my signature lip color
Get rid of the clothes I will never wear again *January 2016
Get a custom sketch drawn by Brittany Fuson

Make my own coffee table
Organize addresses *January 2016- I used Postable and it's awesome
Make or purchase a new headboard for our bed
Have Christmas shopping done before October 1st
Sell old wedding décor
Host a themed party
Turn some of Ethan’s old t-shirts I have saved in to a quilt
Host a craft party
Make over a piece of furniture
Update pictures frames with new memories
Buy our first home
Get a picture of our own photography on a canvas for décor- *September 2016
Find the perfect entertainment stand- *October 2016

For Others
Leave a 100% tip- *September 2016- Mario's Italian Restaurant
Pay it forward & do a random act of kindness for a stranger *December 2015- Starbucks drive thru
Adopt a family for Thanksgiving
Volunteer somewhere with both Chuck & Ethan
Adopt a family for Christmas
Make an Easter basket for a child in need
Make personalized Christmas gifts
Clean out closets and donate it all to someone I personally know who needs it *April 2016
Take Ethan to the Lego store & let him spend as much time as he wants in there
Take Ethan somewhere animal related for a behind the scenes look (zoo, park, etc)

November 11, 2016

5 Totally Cool Places You Must Visit In Boston

Following up from our anniversary trip and the time I fell in love with Boston, I wanted to share some other must see places you should visit in this area. While you shouldn't limit your exploring to this handful of places, they are totally cool spots that I found unique and interesting on our trip.

must see in boston

Boston Public Market
This area totally impressed me because we have nothing like it in Erie. It definitely reminded me of some areas in New York City, but severely less busy and overwhelming. If we had a kitchen in our hotel room I would have scooped up some fresh veggies for sure...I couldn't get over the deals we saw. I'm talking $1 for a bag of onions, $1 for a bunch of asparagus....the prices were amazing.

boston public market hours

Some vendors are set up outside, but there's also a HUGE inside marketplace that's set up. I enjoyed some macaroons from Finesse Pastries and loved walking around seeing all the flowers and different local vendors. 

boston public market

The Boston Public Market is such an interesting place with so much to see (and eat) and it's great that it is open year round inside.

Trinity Episcopal Church
I'm not one to talk religion or politics here on the blog, but I believe no matter what your background this is a beautiful sight. The church is located in Copley Square and is across the way from the Boston Public Library which is another spot I loved.

boston sights

what to see in boston back bay

We were in this area on a Saturday afternoon and the first day we visited we couldn't get in the church since a wedding was going on. We were able to enjoy the weather and views outside, and then go inside on Sunday to explore. 

boston sights

I love this picture of the old beautiful church reflecting on the newer glass built glass building...Copley Square is a charming place to visit in Boston.

Mike's Pastry
This is a must visit in the North End of Boston, and thanks to Biana we found this gem and their cannoli's. We stopped there on Friday afternoon and luckily didn't wait long to choose what we wanted. Chuck and I were cracking up at the size of their pastries, so big and inexpensive!

boston north end

As you can see, I wasn't the only one snapping pictures on my phone. :) Unfortunately we forgot to grab the nice camera when we were out and about the first day so some of the pictures in this post could be better, but that's something to remember for next time. 
I didn't know or hear about Mike's Pastry before Biana mentioning it and I'm so glad we went. Apparently it's a hot spot in Boston, and I can now see why. I really loved the North End, it feels like little Italy and is a very unique area.

mikes pastry boston ma

Mario's Italian Restaurant in Lexington
While not directly in the city, a quick 15 minute trip to Lexington will get you to the one of the greatest Italian meals you will enjoy in your life.

After a beautiful Fall day exploring all over Boston I told Chuck I could really go for some pasta for dinner. I started to look for restaurants in the city while we were enjoying some coffee at Starbucks and came across one near our hotel on Yelp. It had some pretty great reviews so we decided to head back that way and check it out. 

I knew this restaurant was a hit from the minute we walked in. There was only seating for about 60 people and the place was packed. We put our name in and began the wait that seemed like forever. Once we finally sat down to our table and looked at the options we both decided on the chicken parmesan. I don't know about you, but one thing that really can make or break a meal is the experience and waiter or waitress. I used to be a waitress in a very busy bar in downtown Erie. We didn't have hostesses or bus boys or expo's so I really got to know a lot about the restaurant and service industry and definitely worked hard for my money. 
Our waitress was absolutely amazing. Not only was she kind and very calm during the hectic dinner rush, she was so sweet and polite. She kept thanking us for our patience and was ON TOP of everything. Our drinks didn't go empty and she was so prompt. Being a waitress before, I definitely knew what she was feeling and could appreciate her hustle.

The serving sizes were absolutely huge. We both took some to go because we couldn't finish it all. I haven't had pasta this good besides my Grandfather's homemades and Chuck said he hadn't had sauce that good since his Grandma's. We were amazed to say the least.

Once we got the bill, I was shocked. I mean, I had looked at the menu...but I guess the prices didn't register with me since I was so hungry. $25?! How? At first I didn't think it was correct. I right then and there decided this would be the first time in my life I gave a 100% tip. It's something I've wanted to do, but the time hadn't always felt right in the past experiences at restaurants. 

Eliza was amazing and she definitely deserved the tip. I was so happy to do it and hope she realized how much we appreciated her upbeat personality. She definitely made our wait worth the while and we couldn't recommend Mario's to enough people. Seriously, you have to check it out. It's such a nice hometown feeling place with delicious food.

Beacon Hill / Charles Street
This may totally be showing my age, but I LOVED The Real World. When I watched it I always told my Mom if I couldn't figure out to do with my life after college or didn't like college I would submit a tape to MTV and try to get on The Real World. Thank goodness things worked out for me...haha, but I really enjoyed watching other people just live...I think it started my reality TV addiction. While In Boston we had to stop by the infamous Real World house. It was a converted firehouse that is now a non-profit community center. The Real World Boston was filmed at 127 Mt. Vernon Street which is right off of Charles Street, a popular area in Boston.

The Beacon Hill area is such a charming place with cobblestone paths and eclectic buildings full of beauty. I could have enjoyed this area for hours. There is a bunch of great shops and cute restaurants, including the infamous Cheers.

You won't be disappointed by the views in Beacon Hill, there's so many beautiful buildings and great places to check out.

I can't wait to go back to Boston! I have a few more pictures to share in another post, so look for that soon.

Have you ever been? What's your favorite place to visit in Boston? If you haven't been, what's on your list?