December 21, 2016

What I Read In November

Ok, so I'm a bit behind on this one...but I thought what better time to share some good reads then when everyone may have some extra time on their hands around the holiday? 
I didn't finish up the last book on this list until last week...but hey, I was busy Christmas decorating and just trying to survive...ya feel me?! Anyways, I loved this round-up of random reads for the month and even though it's almost the end of December let's get to this recap of November reads.

The Boston Girl 4/5

After our trip to Boston I had to read this next on my Goodreads list, based on a recommendation from Emily at Em Busy Living. Addie is the Boston Girl and tells the story of her life to her 22 year old granddaughter after she asks how she became the woman she is today. Addie is one of 3 sisters under a roof of strict parents and her dreams take her beyond a world her parents would never allow. She is one smart young woman who learns a lot in her adventures and is after her one true love. The story touches on some history and is a beautiful one for any woman to read as it shows how a female can do anything they put their mind to.

What She Knew 5/5

I read this in a day. End of story. Ha-ha...but seriously, anything I can read in a day is an absolute YES, praise hands emoji, must read!!! I picked this one up from the library and started it on a Saturday morning. I cozied up on the couch reading it and eventually finished it at 2 am in bed because I refused to fall asleep without finishing it once I was only a few chapters away. Rachel, a recent divorcee is at the park with her 8 year old son Ben one afternoon when he begs her to run ahead to the swings. After some quick contemplating, she lets him and the next thing you know he's vanished into thin air. Immediately search parties come, the police are called and Ben still can't be traced.
Everyone from her sister to the new wife of her ex-husband is called in to be questioned. Rachel moves from worried mother to the newest suspect in the case and the more time that passes the more worried everyone becomes that Ben may never come back. The end result shocked me...definitely one I wasn't which expecting (which I always enjoy in a thriller).

The School of Essential Ingredients 4/5

A group of eight students come together every Monday for a cooking class and each of their own personal story unfolds beyond the kitchen. I seriously enjoyed each one of their own stories as the book tells them individually and the only reason I didn't rate this book higher is that it wasn't a huge page turner for me. I loved how each of the students needed the class and each other more than they knew and how they all learned much more beyond recipes and the kitchen. It's a nice easy read for anyone looking for a good pick me up story.

Okay okay...let's not judge. A cookbook? Yes, I read it. Cover to cover. Yes, Chrissy Teigen is the SHIT. I'm telling you, pick up this cookbook. Rent it, borrow it, buy it...whatever you gotta do because it is so worth it. Not only do ALL the recipes sound and look so divine, Chrissy is HILARIOUS!
 I already made one recipe for Thanksgiving morning so we all didn't have to worry about eating while prepping the big meal and it was delicious- hello French Toast Casserole with Salted Frosted Flakes, I'm talking to you.
Other recipes on my radar from this cookbook are: John's Fried Chicken With with Spicy Honey Butter...because wings, and how good does honey butter sound?! Also, Chrissy's Mac and Cheese...gimmie!

I went a bit outside my standard choices of horror, thriller and mystery...and really enjoyed it. It may have taken me a little more time to get through the books, but sometimes a little exploring can take you on a longer more interesting path.

What have you read lately?

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