December 14, 2016

Original Gifts for the Ladies In Your Life

Ladies, we're special and we know it. Since women are so strong, uplifting and awesome it can be hard to choose the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life. Today, I'm here to help.
You may have have seen my gift ideas for the cozy homebody, which I highly recommend if you have some ladies who love being at home as much as I do. But what about those co-workers, girlfriends, moms and even nieces? I promise you UnCommon Goods has Christmas gifts for everyone.

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For the Co-Workers: 
Who doesn't use lip balm? This DIY Lip Balm Kit is perfect for anyone who is practical but loves to experiment a little. It's perfect since it has all the ingredients you need right in the set. 

The Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag is also so cute and great for a co-worker to add some fun to their desk. Store desk supplies or some yummy candy in it and be the coolest one in the office. 

For the Bestie:
All us ladies love succulents, right? Keeping things alive and pretty can be tough though, especially if you're me. This Felt Succulents Kit lets you express your creativity while not feeling bad about killing anything weeks later. This is something that wouldn't be affected by my awful green thumb.

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There's nothing like drinks with girlfriends, am I right?! These Cocktail Recipe Glasses  are the greatest things to cheers your bestie with, and when you've had a few too many drinks you won't forget how to make them.

Move on to breakfast the next morning with some Mimosa Diagram Glasses because there's always a time for champagne!

Last but not least, these Mini Library Tea Lights smell just like books. These are great for girlfriends reading a book on their iPad or Kindle but can still get that feeling your nose is buried in a book from the library. 

For the Moms:
Some of my most cherished things from my Mom are her cards she gave to me. Since she's not physically here with me anymore, I can look back at the words she wrote me. This Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set is beautiful and something that is so touching. I love the sentiment behind a handwritten note and any Mom would be lucky to get this.

Another sweet idea for mom is the My Life Story So Far which is a journal with prompts to add in tidbits of advice, life experiences, your relationships and more. This would be great for any Mom to pass down to the next generation and a beautiful reminder that you want to hear more of her story.

For the Nieces:
It's hard not to buy every toy or cute top under the sun for my little nieces. I always like to add in something that they can get a lot of use out of depending on the age they're at.
These Gummy Bear Lights are a bright & fun addition to any little girl's room while they're reading, or crafting and hanging out. 

Teach the little girls in your life to dream BIG with this adorable Wishing Kit where they can make crafts like a magic wand, a good luck charm and a message in a bottle. I love this idea to craft something to uplift themselves and think positively while using their imaginations. 

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For the Wife:

Guys can definitely have a hard time shopping and I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be so difficult. UnCommon Goods has so many great Christmas gifts for your wife and with the click of a button you are saved. 

The aromatherapy shower kit makes you feel like you're in a spa every single day thanks to a simple attachment. I would love one of these in my own shower to really wake me up each morning and have a nice slow, refreshing start to the day.

I about lost it when I saw this Porn for Women book and definitely wouldn't mind this in my stocking. Husbands doing dishes and cleaning the toilet? Yes please! Ladies, you could leave this on their pillow as a nice reminder to do something special on a random unload the dishwasher.

In addition to their amazing, original gifts I love UnCommon Goods because they give you the option at checkout to give $1 on behalf of their company to a non-profit organization you select. Since they created the program they have donated over $1,000,000....incredible!
They also offer so many handmade and organic products from a variety of artisans worldwide and I find that so inspirational from such a large company.

I hope this gives you some ideas for the ladies in your life this year. Happy successful shopping! What are you getting your favorite ladies this Christmas?

Thank you to UnCommon Goods for sponsoring today's post. All my thoughts and dreamy ideas are mine and mine alone...hope you enjoy them!

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