December 2, 2016

My Favorite Places to Shop for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas shopping I have a handful of favorite places I like to visit that I always know I can find perfect gifts for a variety of people on my list. I'm someone who loves gift giving and especially find joy in personal gifts.

Preparing for Christmas can be a daunting task if you're not ready, and I mean beyond a list of who you have to shop for. There's a handful of trusted favorites that I shop with and always know I can find great gifts for the Holidays.

Uncommon Goods  You may have seen my Gift Ideas for the Cozy Homebody recently and that cool mug with a hoop can be found on their site. I have found gifts for my husband, friends, parents and new homeowners too...they have so many unique options. This DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit is adorable and I think someone on my list definitely needs it!

Groupon I am totally on board with somewhere that offers variety like Groupon. I can't tell you how many gifts I ordered from their site this year. I can't spill the beans quite yet because I'm pretty sure some of them may be reading this right now...but I'm talking great personalized gifts for SO cheap. I got things for our baby niece, some things for my in-laws and grandparents, and maybe one thing for us because it was such a steal. I could browse the deals on Groupon all day.

CaseApp I'm a sucker for cute phone cases. I like to switch them up with my moods and think that a case sometimes explains your personality. CaseApp has custom iPhone case's you can design and the process is SO easy unlike some other things I've made online. Their process from start to finish is seamless and turn-around time is extremely fast which is always nice when ordering a gift. 

I made this custom iPhone case for my new iPhone 7 Plus and personalized it with my initials. CaseApp has a bunch of preset designs or you can make your own custom iPhone case or custom laptop skin. 
Case's are always nice gifts because they are a fun accessory on something you typically use so frequently. This case is super cute for Winter and I love the whimsical designs. 

CaseApp is so awesome that they are sharing a discount for all my readers. To get everyone ready for the Holidays, you can use the code DREAMBIGXMAS20 for 20% off your order on through December 15, 2016.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get everyone on your Nice List finished soon...Happy December!

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