December 12, 2016

Creative Ways to Personalize Holiday Gifts

One of the first gifts I purchased for Chuck as a couple was was an iPod Touch. I love personalizing gifts and always try to get something unique for Chuck and love coming up with ideas.

jord watches
When I heard JORD Watches was now offering wood engraving and watch engraving I couldn't get one fast enough. There is nothing like personalized, engraved gifts...they give that extra special touch of love.
wood engragving
I chose to get Chuck's nickname engraved in the watch because it's just so us. So, his watch is adorned with "XO, Pants" as a reminder of how much I love him even when I'm not with him.

The Conway in Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood immediately stood out to me, just as Chuck did when I first met him, so I went with this particular style. I love the mix of classic touches with modern functions which is how I would describe Chuck too. He's a gentleman and is always holding doors for me and going out of his way to do things you don't see men always doing these days. I love the look of the wood and the stainless steel links that give it a gorgeous finish.
I always enjoy choosing gifts that mean something to the person or help me describe how I feel about who I am gifting to and this is definitely the case with the JORD watch.
wood engraving
The first thing I noticed when the box arrived was the amazing packaging. I love the great box JORD watches come in, and this is definitely a step up from the last one I received. The box is nice and large and has a pull out compartment to store other things in. Chuck said he may put his money clip in there or use it for little odds and ends.
jord watches
There are a few ways you can personalize your engraved gift with JORD. There is block or script engraving that you can personalize with and you can choose to have your backplate engraved for $35 or the box engraved for $45. The following JORD watches can be personalized: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie, Frankie 35 and Conway. There are character limitations, which you can read more about on the JORD watches website.  Be sure to order in plenty of time because engraving can add up to 7 more business days to your order. Think early and personalize soon!
watch engraving
JORD is offering you $25 off your purchase all you have to do is enter the giveaway below and provide your e-mail. The giveaway ends until December 31st so enter now!

What would you put on your watch for personalization?

I received the gorgeous Conway watch from JORD in exchange for an honest review. I stand by their products and have had absolutely amazing experiences with this company. Thank you for supporting the awesome brands I work with!

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