December 19, 2016

Birthday Weekending Fun

This past Saturday our little dude turned in to a TEENAGER. I'm not quite sure how it happened because I swear it was just yesterday he was racing cars around in the dirt, dumping an entire bottle of sprinkles on cupcakes we baked together and had a quiet little voice that instantly made me smile.

He's still the same sweet boy, but the voice has got a bit deeper, he's many more inches taller and his foot is now bigger than mine and by his next birthday I'll most definitely be looking up to him- there's no doubt about it.

We celebrated Ethan's 13th birthday at Dave and Buster's again this year-making the trek to Cleveland Ohio, and we had a great day full of fun and games. Ethan wanted a soccer themed invitation so we went with that for the whole party theme. Cake, cookies, Snapchat and fun...I love not having to clean up after a party ;) here's some pictures from Ethan's special day.

The day of the party always seems to fly by so fast, but we had a great time and Ethan had a blast. Let's just hope they build a Dave and Buster's in Erie sometime soon.

To my teenager- I hope as you get older you understand more and more how loved you are. The days aren't always easy and sometimes we may not see eye to eye but you're my favorite little man. Keep growing, keep smiling, keep being unique original you...because there's no one like Ethan. Thank you for being one of the best parts of my day and always putting a smile on my face with your silly self and genuine heart. HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY- I love you!

Hope everyone has a great week, Happy Monday friends!
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