November 1, 2016

October Favorites

One of my favorite things to do is recap the month and share finds, posts, recipes and more with you all. I will be honest in saying that this month I didn't do too much browsing the Internet.

When I wasn't at the hospital...I was at work and the last thing I could do when I came home and got things settled around the house was open the computer. So, this may be short and sweet--but I do have a few things to share with you. Join Macy and I the first Tuesday of every month to share your monthly recaps--they can be your goals, favorites, moments and more. We love to have you join us!

Favorite Purchase: Every year I get a few more ornaments to add to my Halloween tree, most of the time from Pier One. I stopped in one Friday while running errands and their Halloween and seasonal merchandise was already on sale weeks before the holiday with plenty of time left for Fall ! I love decorating the tree and our bar cart for the holidays so any little things I can pick up always make me happy.

Favorite Recipe: I am a sucker for fall recipes. I mean, fall is my favorite season so anything pumpkin, apple, spice, chili...gimmie! Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine shared this delicious recipe for caramel apple cookies and I cannot wait to get in the kitchen to make these myself. I am drooling already!

Favorite Moment: By FAR my favorite moment this month was Chuck coming home from the hospital. I can't explain what it was like seeing him walk up the steps and into our house after being gone for over two weeks. It's crazy how experiencing the scariest thing can result in the happiest moment this month, but you don't realize how much you cherish the simple things like the comfort of your loved ones in your home until something big happens. I again want to thank all of you who reached out, sent well wishes, sweet text messages, care packages, cards, and love to me and my family. I'm telling you...I couldn't have got through this without the support of those around me. Getting a text message or an e-mail from my blogger friends definitely made me feel at ease and I appreciate you all.

Favorite Post: I LOVE following Erica from Coming Up Roses on Instagram--she is always so much fun and enjoyable to interact with. She shared a post about her favorite Instagram hashtags for organic growth and I definitely added some to my list. Erica is a total inspiration so I definitely encourage you to check out her post for some tips and hashtags.

Favorite Date: Chuck and I enjoyed a mid-day movie a few weeks ago when I was off on a Monday since Ethan was at school. Day dates are so fun sometimes because it's not after a long work day or during the weekend when everyone else is out also. Chuck had wanted to see Girl On The Train once he caught a preview in a commercial. I told him I read the book and definitely wanted to see it too, so we headed to the movies. A nice bonus perk is that it was less than $11 for the both of us for an afternoon show...can't beat that for a date! Have any of you seen it yet? I definitely loved it. I am a big Emily Blunt fan and enjoyed seeing it after reading the book.

Favorite TV Post: Lauren from Lot 48 always has great recommendations when it comes to television and I loved her 3 part series on Fall TV. Start with: What to Watch, What to Skip- Part 1 to get you ready for some binge watching if you haven't started any shows yet.

Favorite Recommendations: I love Pandora. I frequently listen to it in the shower or when I'm cleaning and don't want to listen to a set playlist. Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos shared her favorite Pandora Stations includling a few I haven't heard of and definitely added to my list. This post comes at a perfect time of the year when you're cozied up in your home on a cool evening.

My Favorite Dream Big posts this month:

That's about it for my favorites this month. What's one of your top moments or favorites from the topics I mentioned? I love hearing what you're up to or loving. 

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