November 30, 2016


You know the beautiful thing about blogging? You can say whatever you want...because this space is your very own.  It's nice to show up and just once in a while dump all your thoughts out there. So that's what's happening today. Come join me...

Eating: Cheez It Snack Mix and wondering why the hell there aren't more Cheez It's in here. I swear 98% of this bag is pretzels.

Looking: at my Christmas trees. Call me obsessed, but I could just sit here and stare. Christmas lights make me so happy and so does pulling out all the ornaments that tell a story over the years. Follow along on Instagram if you're as obsessed as me!
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Thinking: I've come to the point where I'm super overwhelmed because it's a busy time of the year. We get extra slammed at work from November until the new year and when I get home I just want to do....nothing. That's not an option. Laundry, wrapping presents, keeping up on kinda takes a lot out of me and I've come to the point where I don't even have tasks or things written down in my planner. It's bad, but it's just one more thing to do and I just can't. Someone please tell me they understand...

Listening to: The Weeknd. I'm a little crazy over his voice lately so on my whopping 12 minute commute (including my wait in the Starbucks line) if he's not on Sirius I make sure to blast some from my phone. I've been driving Chuck's car for the past several weeks and he has XM and I love it, but not enough to get a new car. I'm so stinking close to having my car paid off and can't wait for that.

Making: A few DIY gifts for my grandparents, nephew and nieces and some friends at work. I can't wait to share them and hope they all enjoy them. I want to do a DIY gift for each person on my list, but that doesn't look like it's in the cards this year.

Reading: A great new book that I may have normally never found if it wasn't for Hello Book Lover. I have a review coming soon of what I read this month as soon as I finish this book- The School of Essential Ingredients.

Hoping: I win at least 1 of the 18 Thanksgiving/Black Friday/ Cyber Monday giveaways I entered on other blogs. Come home to mama Mr. Louis Vuitton or Celine or heck, I'll be happy with a $100 Nordstrom gift card. Crossing fingers and toes over here...HA!

That's all I have for now. Back to reading/organizing/wrapping/sleeping or whatever else I have going on right now. Hope you're all having a great week.

Tell me something you're up to lately...what's new with you?!

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