November 11, 2016

5 Totally Cool Places You Must Visit In Boston

Following up from our anniversary trip and the time I fell in love with Boston, I wanted to share some other must see places you should visit in this area. While you shouldn't limit your exploring to this handful of places, they are totally cool spots that I found unique and interesting on our trip.

must see in boston

Boston Public Market
This area totally impressed me because we have nothing like it in Erie. It definitely reminded me of some areas in New York City, but severely less busy and overwhelming. If we had a kitchen in our hotel room I would have scooped up some fresh veggies for sure...I couldn't get over the deals we saw. I'm talking $1 for a bag of onions, $1 for a bunch of asparagus....the prices were amazing.

boston public market hours

Some vendors are set up outside, but there's also a HUGE inside marketplace that's set up. I enjoyed some macaroons from Finesse Pastries and loved walking around seeing all the flowers and different local vendors. 

boston public market

The Boston Public Market is such an interesting place with so much to see (and eat) and it's great that it is open year round inside.

Trinity Episcopal Church
I'm not one to talk religion or politics here on the blog, but I believe no matter what your background this is a beautiful sight. The church is located in Copley Square and is across the way from the Boston Public Library which is another spot I loved.

boston sights

what to see in boston back bay

We were in this area on a Saturday afternoon and the first day we visited we couldn't get in the church since a wedding was going on. We were able to enjoy the weather and views outside, and then go inside on Sunday to explore. 

boston sights

I love this picture of the old beautiful church reflecting on the newer glass built glass building...Copley Square is a charming place to visit in Boston.

Mike's Pastry
This is a must visit in the North End of Boston, and thanks to Biana we found this gem and their cannoli's. We stopped there on Friday afternoon and luckily didn't wait long to choose what we wanted. Chuck and I were cracking up at the size of their pastries, so big and inexpensive!

boston north end

As you can see, I wasn't the only one snapping pictures on my phone. :) Unfortunately we forgot to grab the nice camera when we were out and about the first day so some of the pictures in this post could be better, but that's something to remember for next time. 
I didn't know or hear about Mike's Pastry before Biana mentioning it and I'm so glad we went. Apparently it's a hot spot in Boston, and I can now see why. I really loved the North End, it feels like little Italy and is a very unique area.

mikes pastry boston ma

Mario's Italian Restaurant in Lexington
While not directly in the city, a quick 15 minute trip to Lexington will get you to the one of the greatest Italian meals you will enjoy in your life.

After a beautiful Fall day exploring all over Boston I told Chuck I could really go for some pasta for dinner. I started to look for restaurants in the city while we were enjoying some coffee at Starbucks and came across one near our hotel on Yelp. It had some pretty great reviews so we decided to head back that way and check it out. 

I knew this restaurant was a hit from the minute we walked in. There was only seating for about 60 people and the place was packed. We put our name in and began the wait that seemed like forever. Once we finally sat down to our table and looked at the options we both decided on the chicken parmesan. I don't know about you, but one thing that really can make or break a meal is the experience and waiter or waitress. I used to be a waitress in a very busy bar in downtown Erie. We didn't have hostesses or bus boys or expo's so I really got to know a lot about the restaurant and service industry and definitely worked hard for my money. 
Our waitress was absolutely amazing. Not only was she kind and very calm during the hectic dinner rush, she was so sweet and polite. She kept thanking us for our patience and was ON TOP of everything. Our drinks didn't go empty and she was so prompt. Being a waitress before, I definitely knew what she was feeling and could appreciate her hustle.

The serving sizes were absolutely huge. We both took some to go because we couldn't finish it all. I haven't had pasta this good besides my Grandfather's homemades and Chuck said he hadn't had sauce that good since his Grandma's. We were amazed to say the least.

Once we got the bill, I was shocked. I mean, I had looked at the menu...but I guess the prices didn't register with me since I was so hungry. $25?! How? At first I didn't think it was correct. I right then and there decided this would be the first time in my life I gave a 100% tip. It's something I've wanted to do, but the time hadn't always felt right in the past experiences at restaurants. 

Eliza was amazing and she definitely deserved the tip. I was so happy to do it and hope she realized how much we appreciated her upbeat personality. She definitely made our wait worth the while and we couldn't recommend Mario's to enough people. Seriously, you have to check it out. It's such a nice hometown feeling place with delicious food.

Beacon Hill / Charles Street
This may totally be showing my age, but I LOVED The Real World. When I watched it I always told my Mom if I couldn't figure out to do with my life after college or didn't like college I would submit a tape to MTV and try to get on The Real World. Thank goodness things worked out for me...haha, but I really enjoyed watching other people just live...I think it started my reality TV addiction. While In Boston we had to stop by the infamous Real World house. It was a converted firehouse that is now a non-profit community center. The Real World Boston was filmed at 127 Mt. Vernon Street which is right off of Charles Street, a popular area in Boston.

The Beacon Hill area is such a charming place with cobblestone paths and eclectic buildings full of beauty. I could have enjoyed this area for hours. There is a bunch of great shops and cute restaurants, including the infamous Cheers.

You won't be disappointed by the views in Beacon Hill, there's so many beautiful buildings and great places to check out.

I can't wait to go back to Boston! I have a few more pictures to share in another post, so look for that soon.

Have you ever been? What's your favorite place to visit in Boston? If you haven't been, what's on your list?

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