October 17, 2016

That Time I Fell In Love With Boston

I visited Boston as a child, and have no recollection of specific places or events, but only remember loving it. When Chuck and I were choosing a place to spend our one year anniversary I offered up Boston and he agreed since it was somewhere he's never been.

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful Boston is, and if you've never been NEED to go. There are so many beautiful spots of the city and something for everyone to enjoy. We spent 5 days and 4 nights and had such a wonderful time. I plan on recapping the trips in several posts, so stay tuned for the full tour.

First, I want to share my absolute favorite parts of the trip (how about all of them). I've narrowed it down to a handful for the sake of time, but seriously...we enjoyed everything we did and saw.

I grew up watching the classic TV show Cheers with my dad and was thrilled when we saw the first bar. After meeting up with Biana, she filled me in that it was a replica and the original was in the Beacon Hill area. I felt like a fool for being so excited in a Cheers that wasn't the OG, so the next day on our Old Town Trolley Tour of Boston it was a must stop for us and I was over the top pumped. As the theme song played while we pulled up to Cheers I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. We enjoyed lunch downstairs while sipping on a Bloody Mary and then made our way upstairs to see the set bar. It was quite the fun experience!

boston cheers

beacon hill cheers

If I lived in Boston, I would have to work here because I wouldn't want to leave. Even if libraries aren't your thing, this is a must see and can be found in Copley Square. Never in my life have I seen something so gorgeous and serene and was all these things in one. The first day we visited there were numerous brides taking pictures outside on the iconic steps, students inside hard at work studying, and other tourists just like us.
It was almost closing time when we were there on Saturday, so Sunday morning we ventured back to see more. We got there right when the library was opening and the line to get in was like people attending an event. Since it was the first free municipal library in the United States it is a beautiful piece of history and you can even get tours from volunteers.

things to do in boston

must do in boston

I have wanted to visit a Georgetown Cupcake for years. Ethan and I used to watch DC Cupcakes on TLC and I love the sisters who own it, Katherine and Sophie. We were walking around Sunday afternoon and passed a girl wearing a Georgetown Cupcake shirt and I said to Chuck- YES! Georgetown Cupcakes! Five minutes later Chuck said "You know there's one a few blocks away, right?" He assumed since she was wearing a shirt, she worked there...and he was right because later we saw here when we visited.
I didn't even realize there was one in Boston and was so excited to go since we planned on visiting the area that day. I enjoyed a double milk chocolate birthday cake cupcake and wish it wasn't so hot out because I would have bought a whole dozen! If you love cupcakes like I do, it's definitely a fun, cheery place to enjoy some sweets.

georgetown cupcake newbury

One of the best parts of blogging is getting to know other people and forming relationships with those who share similar interests. When we finalized plans for Boston I contacted Biana and found out she was going to be out of town over the weekend but we were going to try and meet up during the day on Friday. She took time out of her busy work day and met Chuck and I for coffee by her office. It was so nice getting to know her better and sit and chat with her in person. She filled us in on some must-do and see things in the city and shared the best place to get cannoli's which we immediately hit up. Biana was just as sweet as I imagined she would be and we totally appreciated her taking the time to enjoy some Starbucks with Chuck and I. I bet it's so fun to live in such a beautiful city, thanks Biana for everything!

Enjoying a trip alone with my husband
Chuck and I hadn't taken a trip alone in the whole 9 years we've been together. Whether it was a family trip, visiting out of town family, going to friend's weddings or traveling with friends...we have never been alone, just the two of us. I swear our 5 days away felt like 5 weeks and it was so enjoyable and much needed for us both. I was going through our pictures and realize we don't have a bunch of the two of us besides some selfies, and next trip I vow to ask some strangers to take pictures. I guess I forgot what it was like to travel without a friend willing to snap a shot. I'm so thankful for our getaway and will never forget the great time we had.

There will be more about where we visited, what you must see, and other fun tidbits. I can't wait to share more about our trip to Boston.

Tell me...have you ever been to Boston? What's your favorite part?
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