October 31, 2016

Just. Do. You. & Own It Too

You hear it all the time...lose weight, smile, be assertive--but not too assertive, act ladylike, yet act like a boss. Since when did we have to start listening to everything and everyone?

I see and read so many strong opinions on subjects day to day and wonder why we don't just do what makes us happy. I recently read a post written by a Mom explaining why she wanted to work. I'm all about standing up for yourself and making a point, but why does her point need validated in the first place? If this Mom wants to have a baby then go back to work and have a career for herself, why is it any of our business? It blows my mind. 

Have I gotten frustrated that I have to go to work and bust my ass usually more than 8 hours a day while other women seem to live an easy breezy day? Hell yea! I think, why me? Why do I have to wake up, pack lunches, go to work, come home, do laundry, cook dinner, etc..etc...?! Ladies, it can be hella frustrating. But it can also be rewarding to kick some butt at a big work event and come home to enjoy a nice meal in my cozy home. The beautiful thing about it all is that we get to live this life that we choose. 

I say--just do you. If you want to be a stay at home mom- do it. Soak that time up with your little one. If you are working at a job to just pay the bills-- do it. No one needs an explanation as to why you're doing what you're doing. Eat the brownie for lunch. Skip a play date once in a while. Drink wine for breakfast (okay, maybe only on the weekend). Just. Do. You. but make sure you own it. Please don't feel the need to explain the extra margarita at dinner after a long week or the dry shampooed hair for the third day in a row. We've all been there.

Instead of worrying about why Susie's lipstick looks a little crazy today, offer her a coffee or a compliment. Let's support one another a little more. Just do you...and own it too.

Have a great week. PS-You're doing awesome. You showed up for Monday, that's a huge deal alone ;)

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