September 23, 2016

Fall Wish List

It's FALL ya'll! My favorite season is finally here, and what better way to ring it in then sharing my Fall Wish List?!

I have always loved olive, but when Fall hits I want to buy all the green things. These distressed olive skinnies are so cute and the price tag isn't bad either.

This black wrap has been in my Nordstrom shopping cart for a while now, it's so versatile I need to just bite the bullet and buy it.

First world problems are when you can't decide which red lipstick to get. I have a few darker NYX shades that I love, but I'm digging this shade from MAC, what do you think?

Pretty soon (hopefully) I'll have my new iPhone since I'm due for an upgrade. I am going big with the plus this time around and will need a new case. I love the simplicity of this Kate Spade one, her tech cases are always on point.

Last but not least, the shoes! I have a few pairs of these Toms booties and they are insanely comfortable so I think I'm going to get the herringbone ones since I have had my eye on them for a while now and they hold up so well.

Before I go, I want to introduce you to one more thing I am loving this fall...and that's Rebekah from Rebekah & Co.  Let's get to know her better with a little Q & A--

Let's start out with something easy. I love cupcakes. What's your favorite treat?
Pizza or French Fries!

What is your biggest dream? Don't be shy, you know we love to Dream Big in these parts.
To one day be able to drop everything and travel the world!

Traveling gives me complete happiness. If I could play Oprah & send you on a trip, where would you be heading on a jet plane?
Norway! I want to see the beautiful fjords and northern lights!

What's your favorite thing about your blog & why?
It's my creative outlet to share my craft projects, adventures, and just general thoughts. I like having a place to write down my thoughts and share them.

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Hope you all have a great weekend! Tell me...what's one thing on your Fall Wish List?

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