September 28, 2016

5 TV Shows I Wish Were Back

Since it's Fall that means all new TV which makes me pretty excited, Football included. While I have a list of shows I like to watch on the regular, there are still some I wish were back. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Legends of the Hidden Temple-- I love a good game show. Blue Baracudas would totally be my team. I loved watching the contestants do the creepy challenges all around the Temple. The Moat freaked me out, but the challenges were always fun. I'm not good at geography but I would totally rock a bright yellow helmet and some kneepads to race around that place. The temple run was SO intense and usually had me at the edge of my would make me so happy if they brought it back. I mean, it's educational, isn't that enough reason?!

SuperMarket Sweep-- Answering questions about grocery store items really isn't that tough...and I think now that I'm an adult I could definitely answer a ton of questions correctly. This would lead me to the final round where I would run in a mad dash up and down the aisles. First, grabbing the Manager's Special (duh) then the meat, and obviously the other high ticket item- the baby formula. Watching people run up and down aisles of a grocery store is pure entertainment...who would have guessed?!

My So Called Life--I genuinely loved this show, even though it was only on for one year. Or maybe, I just genuinely loved Jared Leto. Either way, I think that the storyline and the way the problems of the cast were laid out kept it interesting. This was also one of the first television series with a gay teen, and it sort of broke the mold for this community. The show was set in Pittsburgh, Pa (the best city in America) and I can still picture Jared pinning Claire up against the lockers for a nice long flirt session. The teenage girl in me yearns for this show to come back.

Beverly Hills 90210- I would give anything to see Dylan McKay on the TV screen again. Faded denim, love triangles, and the Peach Pit...I think Beverly Hills taught me a lot growing up, that my parents may not have loved knowing. From depression, to drinking, and relationships...even though they were older than me, they were so relatable. Although I thought Kelly was so cool and someone I really wanted to be, I loved Andrea's quirkiness and things she did to keep the show not too over the edge. I would love to see what they would be like as adults, with children living in Beverly Hills...maybe the Real Housewives?! But seriously, 90210 is a classic.

Salute Your Shorts- Camp Anawanna- we hold you in our hearts! I only went to summer camp once, so maybe I was holding on to the excitement of it all watching this show. The campers were always up to no good, which made it hilarious and I just loved Donkey Lips...his silly innocence that I realize now always made me laugh growing up. I totally think the crew should get back to this summer and see what kind of trouble they can stir up.

What's one show you would love to see brought back to TV? 

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