August 8, 2016

What I Read In July

I read another handful of books in July that kept me busy and I'm excited to share my review on the five reads for last month.

Just like the month before, my interests were all over the board. A little self help, some mysteries, and some personal stories. I like to switch it up, but seem to really get in to the horror and dark, deep reads the most. Here's what I read in July:

Balancing In Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making it all Work 3/5

I LOVE Kristin Cavallari and had heard such great things about this book. I really enjoyed hearing about what really happened during her reality TV stint and how she balances all the roles she currently carries. Most of it though, seemed as if it was advice or tips I've already heard. It may be a better read for someone who hasn't had as much life experience maybe...but I was a bit bored with it. I did really like how she mixed in recipes and pictures among her advice.

This book was very interesting, telling the story of a mother (Claire) and her daughter (Mia) from both perspectives. I really got into the book when Mia was telling her story, even though it's dark and filled with drugs, running away, and crazy antics. It slowed down so much for me when Claire was telling her side and seemed to be a bit long towards the end. There were too many details for me and by the end I was just wishing all the small bits and pieces that were thrown in would just stop so I could see what the outcome was. It's a very dark and twisted story that almost seems too much to be true, but the ending is wonderful for this mother daughter story.

I had started this book years ago while on vacation, but never finished it so I decided to start over. The story is told from the perspective of Judd Foxman, who's father recently died, and to make matters worse he recently found out his wife had cheated on him. The whole family is brought back together for the funeral and Judd and his siblings re-live old memories, tough pasts, secrets and more during the week long event. The dysfunctional family is hilarious to read about, but from my perspective of a child who lost a parent...half of what goes on doesn't seem to be even thought of as true. I wonder if the author is someone who has experienced a death of someone close to him. That sounds harsh, but the writing in some ways was very off in regards to this subject. All in all, a decent humorous read.

This is the follow up sequel to You, which if you read my reviews last month...I loved that book. Joe has a twist of fate in another messed up relationship and takes it to LA. He seems to fit in as much as he claims to hate the city, and his story gets even weirder than you would imagine. You didn't think it could get deeper after You, but it does. Joe is yearning for true love and seems to finally find it, but what happens when she finds out about his past I didn't see coming. There were constant turns and changes of pace that I didn't expect and I loved that about this read. I'm glad it wasn't predictable or what I was originally thinking after reading the first book.

Another Teen Mom story, and this one I really enjoyed too. Kailyn Lowry, also known as Kail on the MTV series Teen Mom 2 is a walk through her past. I enjoyed how open and honest she was, especially for being young. From being raped, having an abortion, getting pregnant as a teenager, and hustling to make a career and support herself with no parents...I was constantly learning more about her throughout the book. It made me respect her even more because what she has dealt with so far at a young age some people may never deal with in their whole lifetime. It was a quick and easy read, I read it in a few days so it's not a very involved story but did keep me interested. It's definitely a great read if you watch the series or like Kailyn from hearing about her in the media.

My favorite book in July was definitely Hidden Bodies. I really enjoy dark stories the most, and this was a great follow up to You which I read in June. If you missed that review along with some others, you can read it here

What have you read recently? Any great finds you'd like to share with me?

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