August 29, 2016

My Thoughts on Kanye's Saint Pablo Tour

I don't think I filled you guys in on what Chuck got me for my birthday, but today you can see the whole present...and more. I was ecstatic when I opened Kanye West : Saint Pablo Tour tickets on my birthday and this weekend we went to Buffalo, New York for the big night.

I know people have mixed reviews about Kanye. I think he's crazy...but like he says himself, name one genius that ain't crazy. He's a musical genius, the thinks ahead, and he definitely sets the bar high.

I've loved The Life of Pablo album since it came out and in general I really enjoy Kanye's music...digs on T-Swift and all. We first saw Kanye a few years ago in Pittsburgh when he went on tour with Jay-Z and that was an awesome show. They performed Ni**as in Paris four times in a row during the encore and it was one of the greatest things I've ever seen live. The energy was incredible.

We arrived in Buffalo around 6:30 pm and parked and immediately headed over to First Niagara Center. The line was longgggg, but we got in it right away and obviously got in our fair share of people watching. The doors were supposed to open at 7:00 pm but didn't till well after 7:30 which was highly annoying. We made our way up the line and then were stopped again when we were about 10 people deep in line. No one had any clue what was going on and when I turned around the line was wrapped around the building...insane.

We finally got in but then came to find out we couldn't go to our seats yet because sound check was still going on. At this point it was after 8:00 pm when the concert was supposed to start. We walked around, passed the merchandise which was overpriced, and looked for some french fries...obviously. 

We saw one bar that had liquor but I figured we'd see a bunch more so I hadn't got a drink yet and at this point after dealing with all the crowds and lines, I needed one. Fun fact about me: I'm not a beer fan. I'll have a Corona or a Blue Moon every now and then but beer makes me feel really full and gross so I just can't do it. I was on a hunt for some vodka and then after talking to someone near our seats, they only sell liquor on the first floor?! What kind of venue is this?

So we make our way down to the first floor and order some doubles when we start to hear screaming and music. You've got to be kidding me...the concert is starting while we're at the bar. We hustle back to our seats to yet again, see no Kanye. We get on Twitter to see tweets from his agent saying he has been ready, so the concert was not waiting on him. They were having issues with the roof of the venue and the setup of his "stage" logistics.
About ten minutes later the lights finally go down and the music changes. Two hours after it was supposed to start, all we can see is a large black moving lift that went out to a wooden platform. Two people got off the lift and on to the platform and then one person was hooked into something. One person remained on the platform while the other jumped back to the lift that moved away. Lights came on flashing everywhere and Kanye started the show with "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" and I couldn't get over what I saw. About twenty minutes into it, Chuck was still amazed too. 

Kanye performed harnessed to a piece of metal on a wooden platform in the air above the crowd on the floor for the entire show. He didn't take one single break during his 34 songs and even made it a point to apologize for the delay in the show starting. I was super breaks in concerts seems to be unheard of these days.
Kanye said that some things went wrong and it didn't go as planned, but he was appreciative for everyone sticking it out. We were only night two of the tour, so I imagine things will get better as time goes on as far as the set up. The delay in Buffalo was with the roof and them being concerned that it wouldn't hold the set up of the stage.

If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw bits of it, but it was such a great show. I always appreciate artists that bring energy and deliver their passion night after night...I can't imagine being on tour is easy. Aside from waiting two hours for him to start performing, it was a blast. I would definitely see Kanye again and again, he's a very cool performer to watch.

The stage itself was enough to amaze you, as you can see from some of the pictures it lowered enough at points to be just above reach for people standing on the floor. I enjoyed watching people's reactions. Some were taking pictures and selfies while others were full on going crazy under the stage dancing. It tilted on all four sides and nothing stopped Kanye from dancing and throwing himself around as her performed...he went all out. The concert ended with the stage lowering enough for him to jump off and run off on the floor past the crowd with security. No encore, just a dark black building and it was over. 

I was ecstatic to find out after his first night that he played All of the Lights. If you read my wedding recap on Our Reception Entrance you will understand why Chuck and I love it so much. 
I'll leave you with the video Chuck took, while your girl got a little crazy dancing and singing. It was definitely a fun night and I already can't wait for our next concert adventure. 

What kind of concerts do you like going to? Are you a Kanye fan?

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