August 24, 2016

4 Things Being A Stepmom Has Taught Me

Today I'm taking a small break from the Wedding Wednesday recaps to talk about another important part of my life. If you've been a reader of mine for a while, or even just follow me on Instagram it's pretty evident how much I love my Stepson.

Since he's headed back to school tomorrow for another year of middle school I thought I'd share some things being a Stepmom to this amazing little dude has taught me.

Love big.
Ethan is a lover. For the past several years the first thing on his Christmas list has been "for homeless people to find a home." Ethan always wants to give more, do more, and love bigger.  He is constantly sharing things with the neighborhood kids. I remember the first Summer he lived with us full time and we couldn't keep Capri Suns stocked in our fridge. He would always grab a handful of them and I would look out the window to find him sitting with other kids passing out drinks. He's always wanting to give something to someone and make people happy. He comes up with the grandest ideas each year for Father's Day, Christmas and his Daddy's birthday because he loves him so much. His heart is something I will forever admire because his love is endless.

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The small moments are really great.
I used to take for granted the little moments in life until I became a Stepmom. Bedtime became one of my favorite times of the day because Ethan is always giggly and silly and it's just so fun. I learned to slow down and just sit with Ethan playing or doing my work while he does his homework. I cherish those quiet times now and look forward to coming home from a long day at work to see how his day was. Now that he's gotten older he loves to talk and ask questions...who knew that conversations with my almost teenager could be so fun? The moments I used to take for granted are some of the most special ones now. Each moment with Ethan is one that I will cherish.

Each day is a fresh new start.
There's some times that I get really mad when he's upset me or done something wrong. I yell. I punish him. Then I get sad and wonder if he's going to hate me for days or weeks. Ethan wakes up the next day with a "Hi Milla" and a smile on his face. I know it's not always going to be this easy, but we all make mistakes and react some ways we probably shouldn't have...Stepmoms included. The beauty of it all is that each day is a fresh new start. I'm grateful for our relationship and the never ending love and greatness that comes with a brand new day. There's days he's a bit wild and crazy and sometimes ornery, but I know that tomorrow another day is coming and that one may be a little easier.

You don't have to give someone life for them to make a difference in yours.
You may not think it looking at us now, but Ethan and I went through a rocky period. When Chuck and I were dating it was hard at first to find my place. I had so much fun with Ethan and really began to care for him, but never wanted to cross any boundaries. Having divorced parents myself, I knew our road wasn't going to be easy for the three of us. Figuring out how to make day to day routines, new memories, and rules work for everyone involved wasn't a walk in the park. It was really difficult for me at times to wonder if we would ever get through it because I wasn't his biological parent but I realized that I could still be an important part of Ethan's life. Now Chuck teases me all the time because he says Ethan is wrapped around my finger. It's true...and it didn't take long. Ethan's personality, his ability to care for everyone, his infectious spirit and fun loving soul won me over really quick. He's taught me so much...more than four things I could ever list in a blog post. Ethan has truly changed me for the better and I'm a better person with him in my life. I couldn't imagine it any differently now and every single day I am blessed to be a part of his.

I know parenting and Stepmom posts don't come often around here, so if you're still reading...thank you. I love having this space to put my thoughts and feelings into words and look back on in years to come. Ethan, if you ever read this...I love you more than you will ever know, thank you for being the brightest part of my day and one of the biggest blessings in my life.

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