July 11, 2016

What's The Point?

"I don't see the point" a lady said to me a few weeks ago at the grocery store. I was walking through the bakery section shopping for some weekend party necessities when she looked at me. She was sniffing a bouquet of flowers in a small set up near the cookies.

The flowers were red, white, and blue for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday...just like the ones sitting in my cart that I obviously grabbed on my way through the floral department.

I said, "What was that?" She responded with the same thing I thought I heard her say, "I don't see the point." I smiled and said, "There's so many beautiful, simple things around us. There's always a point." She rolled her eyes and walked away.

To this day the moment still pops in my head. I was driving home from work a few days ago and thinking about what she said again just got to me.   Sometimes people like her piss me off. They stick their nose up to the unknown, cackle at what others may take for granted, or just don't get it. 

What some people love, others may not. We may not understand other people's points of views, their interests, or their passions. I think we need to slow down and see the point. 
Learn to love what makes others move, what brings a sparkle to their eye, what fuels their desires or makes their day a bit brighter. What that woman from the grocery store doesn't know is that a bouquet of flowers brings me happiness for two weeks until I buy the next one. I come home from a long day of work and sit in my house and smile at that bouquet. Flowers are calming, and such a simple beauty. 

It's funny how one little encounter can influence my perspective. I don't want to be the woman in the grocery store rolling my eyes. I want to be the one who makes someone smile. I vow to open my eyes a bit more and see what the point is in the big world around me.

What's something you want to do better?

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