July 29, 2016

July Favorites

Another month almost! Slow down Summer!! While we're still in the heat of it I wanted to share my favorites from one of my favorite months. There have been SO many good reads around the Internet lately and I'm excited to share them all with you.

Favorite "Made Me Think " Post : I've admired Ashley from The Shine Project for a long time and her mission behind her company is empowering. I came to enjoy her story even more when she became a Mother. Recently she decided to be way more private about her family life, and I was over here just hoping everything was okay. Unfortunately, others took it differently and decided to hide behind their words on the Internet. I love how Ashley spoke up about how we can be a better example for those around us, including our children.

Favorite Post About Relationships: If you don't know Sarah, you should get to know her. She's the brain behind Holl & Lane Magazine and a big dreamer, which I obviously love. This list of her deal breakers when it comes to relationships made me think about my own, and I enjoy a post that really makes me think hard.

Favorite Purchase: These pretty little lights at Marshall's were only $8 and helped me create a little sanctuary in the corner of our bedroom. It's become my reading nook when I need some peace and is so cozy. I love how it turned out and only took me a few minutes to set them up how I wanted.
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Favorite Travel Post: If you're reading this and you have a need to check out Ashley's post. Her travel tips for the 9-5er are so great. Maximizing vacation time, taking advantage of deals and more great points that she expands on are worth checking out if you are wondering how you can travel all year long.

Favorite Blogging Post: I came across Kayla's post from someone who shared it on Facebook...see that form of Social Media isn't dead! Anytime someone mentions blog photography or photos in general I'm all over it. I can always learn more, obviously...and I really just love pictures. Kayla shared how she takes bulk blog photos and her tips & tricks. It was interesting to hear how she does it all in one day and is something I can totally get behind. If you struggle in this area, definitely check this post out!

Favorite Moment: Man that's was a FUN month. I have to say that my birthday was probably the best. Although the celebrations continued throughout the week at my grandparents house, and through the weekend with happy hour dates and a trip to Pittsburgh...the day of my actual birthday was a lot of fun. I walked into work last Wednesday with Starbucks waiting for me on my desk and beautifully wrapped presents and continued to get more Starbucks deliveries and surprises throughout the day. I got flowers from Chuck and Ethan--the most beautiful colorful roses that are still thriving and I love looking at in our living room. I got super thoughtful presents from my co-workers and friends and then an ice cream cake from my bosses! My dudes took me to dinner and then by my request a drive to the beach so we could watch the sunset. I sat and read some of my book while Ethan caught Pokemon and Chuck skipped was perfect. Between the love from all of you on my blog, text messages, birthday wishes, e-mails, Starbucks gift cards (thanks Kate!) pictures from my family and calls...I am SO SO thankful. Everything really made me smile because it was so ALL ME...every last bit of it. Being thought of and spoiled is more than I need, but it is so appreciated. I am a lucky girl and blessed with an amazing support system and family and friends.

Favorite Find: Our city really seems to be adding more and more gems which is helping me love this Summer even more. I've been on a mission to get out and do something each night. Whether it's a walk, a trip to get some ice cream, or a local outdoor concert...I want to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. A new hotel, the Courtyard Erie Bayfront  was put up downtown by the lake and it's outdoor patio views of the sunset are to die for. Chuck and I went a few weeks ago to celebrate his promotion and we were in awe of it all.  (PS- yay Chuck- so proud of my husband!) You know I'm OBSESSED with the sky, but when Chuck finds it amazing you know it's good. They have an infinity pool which is also insane and is another bad ass view of Lake Erie. We had a few drinks and appetizers from The Shoreline Grill and everything we tried was delicious. It's a great spot to grab a drink, relax and take in the beautiful views of Lake Erie, the sky and the local yacht club.

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Favorite Reality Check Post: Meagan from All The Joys published a bold piece "My Daughters Aren't Beautiful" which I loved. Don't tell her that her daughters are beautiful, instead admire them for their other qualities. I love Ethan's heart...he is wise beyond his years and is always thinking of others. I make it a point to compliment him on these things, because life isn't about looks. An amazing read from Meagan, whether you have children or not.

Favorite GO GIRL Post: I have loved Sarah's writing for a long time, and she is one of the first lifestyle bloggers I started following--hi Venus Trapped In Mars!! Her realness, great attitude and zest for life make me continue reading. Her list of hopes, goals & wishes for the next year have me screaming YES YES YES because I know it's all possible. The thought of others making their big dreams a reality make me extremely happy.

Favorite Read: Chelsea had an interesting encounter with a woman after church which led her to write how she wants to be like her. It's so refreshing to hear stories about good things happening, really good things that you don't expect to happen. If you've ever read Chelsea's blog before, you know she has a way with words, so of course I love the story from the story.

Favorite Recipe: Cara from Unkindly Spoken  had me drooling in seconds when she shared her Smores In A Jar  recipe. I mean, just LOOK how good this is. Better yet, I think it would make a cute gift for someone too!

July was jam packed with fun at the beach, on the soccer field, time spent with loved ones and definitely in the sunshine...I don't want it to end and love recapping each month to hold on just a little bit longer.

Favorite Dream Big posts in July:

Anything I missed this month? Leave me a comment with your favorite reads around the Internet from July. I love to hear what you enjoy!

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