July 18, 2016

Beauty On A Budget // Summer Favorites

Since we're in the midst of the season, it's the perfect time to share my favorite beauty finds that won't break the bank while you're vacationing your Summer away.

Lindsay and I wanted to give an overview of our go to Summer Favorites in the budget friendly category rather than focus on one specific product for this month's review in our series.

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Evian face care

Lip treatment

Body moisturizer

Evian Facial Water Spray- I've already mentioned this amazing stuff in my Summer Essentials post but I can't go without telling you need it. It's such a great refresher in these scorcher Summer days. Whether it's after work before happy hour, or on a plane on your way to vacation-it's such a great throw in your bag item that you can't go without. I love how it instantly refreshes your face without ruining your makeup!

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm- this is a newer find from Ulta. After I heard multiple people raving about them. I love how easily it glides on and stays put for several hours. They have so many fun colors perfect for Summer. I picked up a coral/pink shade in Unapologetic and have been rocking it more often than's a great "go with everything" seasonal color.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer- I first tried this stuff years ago when Influenster sent me some in a Vox Box. It's PERFECT for busy on the go schedules or when you need a mid day moisturizer if you're throwing on a dress or shorts. You literally spray and easily rub in the lotion with just a few swipes. I love it and still use it after all these years, it's a repeat buy for sure.

Dove Advanced Care Deoderant- Skin Renew- what would the purpose of this blog be if I wans't always honest? Let's be real. We all sweat. Me? Oh yea! I also have that Italian blood in me which means some thick, dark hair which often leaves ugly marks after shaving my armpits. I LOVE this deoderant because it helps restore my skin to it's natural color. It's gentle on my skin and after just a few days of using it I noticed a difference. If you have trouble in this area like me, it's totally worth the buy!

Rimmel Natural Bronzer- I have always loved this bronzer because it gives a light shimmer and is a no brainer with the cost being less than $5. It's one that I'm not scared to buy and not like because it gives beautiful color and a soft highlight and isn't pricey. If you're in between bronzers or are looking for a great everyday wear, this is the one for you!

That sums it up for this month's Beauty On A Budget: Summer Favorites. Don't forget to visit Lindsay's blog to see what she recommends too. I would LOVE to hear what budget friendly products you use during this season. Let me know in the comments!

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