July 19, 2016

A Refreshed Eye- PCA Revitalizing Eye Gel Review

I tend to look in the mirror a handful of times a day. Usually I'm too busy to check out my own reflection more than this. I typically like what I see, I've learned to love my imperfections and truly feel comfortable in the skin I'm in.

It's no secret though, tomorrow's my birthday...and I'm not getting any younger. One big thing I've noticed is my eyes. They look more tired these days. I could probably attribute that to not enough sleep, long days, early mornings...but I don't want to miss a second of this life. Am I right?

Then I found this amazing stuff that works in a short TWO weeks...seriously, amazing stuff. This PCA Skin Revitalizing Eye Gel helps take care of those pesky dark circles (ugh), puffiness and wrinkles (my worst enemies) and sagging eyelids ( I sense those are in my future). 

Some eye products I've used can sting or not feel so great in that sensitive eye area, but not the PCA Revitalizing Eye is kind enough to stay away from irritation. It's so easy to use...I apply it in the morning and night (two times a day) after I wash my face directly under my eye and on my eyelid. Yes, it's sensitive enough to not affect that delicate area, seriously love this stuff! 
You can purchase the PCA Revitalizing Eye Gel right on their website and get to making quick and easy results on your eyes right away. 

Thank goodness I have this stuff, especially this week when I'm celebrating every's just what I do for birthday month! You can enjoy FREE shipping from PCA on your first order (no minimum purchase required) by entering code:BrandBacker 

 Thank you BrandBacker for providing me with a sample in exchange of my honest review and thank YOU guys for always supporting these great brands who help me inform you of awesome stuff. Have a great day!

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