June 13, 2016

The Most Totally Fun Instagram Accounts: Dreamy Instagram Inspo

Every time I post an update to this series of mine, Dreamy Instagram Inspo I am more in awe of people's creativity. I've shared some calming accounts, which are always needed but this time around in the spirit of Summer I wanted to feature some seriously F U N Instagram accounts I've come across.

Courtney // @colormecourtney

Not only is Courtney super stylish & a great blogger, she is the type of person I totally want to be around. She seems like a ball of energy and a really sweet girl all rolled in to one. She stands up for being comfortable with herself and travels to awesome places andddd uses a ton of emoji's. That's something I can get down with.

Coreen // @sprinkledlife 

I mean, sprinkled life sounds fun already...but when you add in scenes from around Chicago, donuts, coffee, bright shoes and gets way better. My favorite are her posts about cupcakes, le duh. Looking for a super fun mom? Follow along!!

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You know those black boards with the white letters and people put up great messages? They made those and show off hilarious, wise & important messages in the form of pictures on their feed. I look forward each day to see what's going to be on their Instagram. It's always a good time on their feed!

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Kathryn // @kathrynmichel 

Her profile says it all-- her whole IG feed is a pun. It's so hilarious and I am constantly wondering how she came up with the captions. The fun doesn't stop there, she's always having a good time so following along is exciting and usually colorful too.

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As for me on Instagram, I'm always trying to have fun...I mean, who isn't?! Whether it's with some witty home decor or a new place to store my lipstick... I'm going in each day with a smile.

A photo posted by emeliaπŸ’œ (@emeliaanne_) on

A photo posted by emeliaπŸ’œ (@emeliaanne_) on

Follow along for some dreamy fun all year long...but especially pool side in the Summertime.

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What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Drop a comment, I love to follow new to me feeds!

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