June 14, 2016

Summer Beauty Staples

I'm not huge on makeup during most Summer days. I love letting my sun-kissed skin breathe a little more, but that means I need to be on top of keeping it in check. Today I'm sharing my favorite Summer Beauty Staples to keep you looking refreshed while protected this season.

Once the steady sunshine has come for the season you can find me at the neighborhood pool as soon as I get out of work and every chance I can on the weekend. The Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Sunscreen from Colorscience is the perfect Summer face product. A fellow blogger (Hi Pamela!) mentioned this product and I ordered it right away. Basically it's a mineral based sunscreen for your face that is applied by a brush. I hate putting oils and creams on my face when it comes to sunscreen, but you have to protect it so this is a great alternative. It goes on easy and lasts for hours and is small enough unlike a bottle of sunscreen, making it great for your pool or beach bag. 

I love Softlips lip balm because it goes on nice and smooth and has SPF20 in it to protect those kissers when you're out in the sun. There are so many flavors to enjoy, but my seasonal favorite is watermelon. I've been using these for years and won't be stopping any time soon, they're a win-win. 

Summer means late nights enjoying the weather and early mornings waking up to fit all the fun in. We all need a little boost to help give us a youthful appearance. I know my eyes are the first place you can notice if I didn't get as much quality time with my bed, so I've been using the Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum in the morning before I apply makeup and at night after I cleanse my face. The caffeine, chamomile, green tea and cucumber all work together to refresh, de-puff, and tighten the skin around my eyes so that I look well rested, even when I'm really not. It's a dream, and perfect for the season. 

Last but not least, I've spoken of my love for Smith and Cult nail polish before, but it's so good I have to mention it again. I am loving bright, bold and adventurous colors for the Summer. Bright blues like Beat Street & a quirky yellow The Bee Side just speak to me. The best part is these polishes last well over a week on your nails which means more time to play outside instead of keeping up on your manicures. 

Make sure to take care of your skin during these hot days when it's exposed to the beautiful, but damaging UV rays. I'm all about looking pretty aaaaaaand being smart, aren't you?!

Tell me, cause we all know I need another product...what's your Summer Beauty Staple?

*Thank you BrandBacker for sponsoring part of today's post. I received the Exuviance Depuffing Eye Serum in exchange for an (always honest & hopefully helpful) review. Thank you for supporting the brands I work with!

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