June 5, 2016

May Favorites

I say it every month, but where does the time go? May seemed like a long month, probably because we had A LOT of rainy days in these parts. I'm so excited for sunshine and summertime and laying by the pool. So far it's been great, but before we move on too soon...let's recap May with some of my favorites.

Favorite Travel Post: Amanda from Meet @ The Barre knows a thing or two about traveling and her posts are always so informative and jam packed with tips. She shared the 5 Best Cities for a Long Weekend Trip in the Summer. Be sure to check this post out, and take plenty of notes!

Favorite Purchase: FOR SURE the Jacylyn Hill Champagne Glow palette. I had coincidentally just got home from a trip to Sephora and was scrolling through Instagram to see that it had been released early on the Sephora app. I did what any responsible adult who's obsessed would makeup would do, and ordered it right then and there. Two Sephora purchases in one day, why not?!

Favorite Blogger Post: You don't have to be a blogger to get published in The Huffington Post, but Anne from Love the Here and Now shares her experience. Her and her daughter shared their voice on being on both sides of anxiety and the view from a Mother/ Daughter experience. Anne then filled us in on the lessons she learned from being published. Talk about inspiring.

Favorite Moment: We took a long awaited trip to visit Chuck's family in North Carolina and it was so enjoyable. Spending time with family, not having to be at work (or school in Ethan's case) and hanging out all day together was awesome. We also got to meet our newest niece who lives in Phoenix since we were all in town for my sister in law's wedding. Seriously, I'll have a baby tomorrow if they're all as good as her. In the handful of days we were with her I only heard her cry 3 times. She was so happy, kicking her little legs around and squirming about. I loved just sitting there watching her, such a sweetie. I can't wait until we're all together again. I loved hanging out with our other niece too, she's quite the little firecracker and has the personality of a fun loving adult. I love spoiling her and talking about life and watching her dance. Here's a few pictures of me with my girls, if you missed them on Instagram.

Favorite Recipe: Summer means grilling. I swear I only eat hot dog's in the Summer because it only seems right this time of the year. Rhea from Hot Dog It's A Food Blog ( and no, her blog isn't JUST about hot dogs) shares a delicious recipe including hot dog's and taco's. Enough said, sign me up. I can't wait to try it out this season.

Favorite Find: I love the Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refreshers and was so happy when they released them last year since it's one of my favorite fruits. I tried one with coconut milk instead of water and it's seriously the best thing since sliced bread. It tastes JUST LIKE a light Strawberry Julius (which I loved as a child). I can't get over the deliciousness! What we also found out, is that Ethan now enjoys some Starbucks as his own...even if it is just lemonade. I love that he requests a Starbucks date from time to time now.

Favorite Inspirational Post: My girl Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick & Stilettos hit the nail on the head with this post about A Woman's Right to Shoes. Even if you're married this post will probably  definitely still speak to you if you're a female. Since when did success get measured by a ring?

Favorite Read: I am happy to say I've been setting aside time for "me" more and reading a bunch of books. I get on these kicks and I'll finish them in a day or two and read until I fall asleep. I did the same thing growing up, guess I'm a bookworm. I hope to do a post on my recent reads, even though a lot of other people may have read them--there may be someone out there who hasn't. My favorite book this month was No One Knows by J.T. Ellison. Let's be friends on Goodreads, I love to see what others are reading!

That's all for this month. I already have a few great things I've seen around the web this month and can't wait to share them with you. Hope your week is off to a great start.

Favorite Dream Big Posts In May:
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What's one of your favorite moments, purchases or reads from May?

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