June 3, 2016

A Tale In Time for Dad's Day & Giveaway from JORD Wood Watches

We all know Father's Day is coming up and sometimes I feel like it's overshadowed and not paid enough attention. Dad's may not have carried a human for nine months, but they're a very important part of the parenting team.

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Watching my husband be the best Dad to my Stepson day in and day out is seriously a beautiful thing. There's no amount of gifts or any Hallmark cards with the right words to explain our love for Chuck, but we're going to try.

We were lucky enough to receive a JORD Wood Watch that will make an excellent Father's Day gift. Let me explain how Dad's and JORD Wood Watches are some of the same. A tale in time for Dad's day...

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*Adjustable- Dad's make adjustments all the time. Remember when you were younger and you got tired walking on a trip at the zoo? Dad made all the necessary adjustments and put you up just right on his shoulders. I see Chuck make adjustments daily to help Ethan, whether it's sharing the last sip of his drink or changing his nightly plans while he learns a new Math lesson to assist with homework.

Just like Dad's, JORD Watches are completely adjustable...but to your wrist. They have an awesome, helpful sizing guide but if you receive the watch and find that it's not quite right it is adjustable. Just take it to your local jeweler, and hello perfect watch. 

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*Attractive- Is there certain things that make your partner attractive? Just one of the things that makes me swoon is watching my husband be such a sweet Dad. Ethan is turning the corner in to teenage territory this year and he will still reach for his Dad's hand in certain situations. They fool around and horseplay at bedtime and are forever being silly. Watching all the fun they have and the way Chuck makes Ethan smile is so attractive to me.

JORD Wood Watches are the sleekest, most stylish and attractive I've seen of their type. They're so unique and I love that they are made of wood ;  it's definitely appealing to the eye. They are rugged and built well, but not bulky. Chuck chose the Frankie in Ebony and Gold and has already received so many compliments on this watch. 

unique father's day gifts

*Easy- Dad's seem to be more easy breezy, go with the flow. Maybe that's just in my experience, but the Mom's seem to be the one on the regimented schedule with a planner always in hand while Dad is telling everyone to just calm down and have fun. I love that about Chuck. He's always the one that's easy like Sunday morning while I'm freaking out if teeth aren't brushed and socks don't match.

 JORD Watches are easy ((to wear)) and so lightweight. I was seriously in shock the first time I picked one up. I was expecting a heavy wooden watch and was surprised with a light, easy accessory. Not only are JORD watches easy to wear, but the ordering process is simple as well. No confusing checkout procedures or sizing mishap, it's all step by step and made easy for everyone.

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*Natural- Being a good Dad seems to come so natural to Chuck. It's second nature to step in and figure out math problems or kick a soccer ball while cooking food on the grill and multi-tasking doing 3 other things. I love the connection I get to witness each day between Chuck and Ethan. They are best of friends and the relationship comes so naturally. 

JORD Watches are all natural since and that's definitely something I can get behind. I love when a company offers products that are created this way. Made out of wood? That's just too cool--especially when it doesn't look like a tree trunk or something crazy that you may think. Seriously, such a good looking watch!

unique father's day gifts

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*Classic- Dad always has classic jokes to tell,  a classic dinner he can always whip up and make way better than Mom and a classic move when playing hoops in the backyard .  That's classic Dad material. That doesn't mean he's old and boring, but that he's always someone we can count on, not just for these things but to be there when we need him too. 

JORD Watches are so good looking, and I am loving how the black and gold looks on Chuck's wrist. They are also so classic while being on trend. It looks good with a casual weekend tee, when he's dressed up for work, or in a nice shirt and jeans for date night. I love a classic piece that you can wear with anything, for all of time and JORD Watches are definitely in that category. 

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If you're looking for a unique gift for Dad this Father's Day...look no further, JORD Watches has you covered. A classic piece that will never get old and perfect for any busy man who needs to stay on schedule. 

To make this whole gift buying thing even easier JORD has a giveaway for you to enter and win a $75 credit on their website towards your purchase. Be sure to enter soon here because the giveaway ends June 12, 2016. Even better--anyone who enters (excluding the winner) will get a $20 e-gift card for use towards any watch from JORD--how awesome is that!!

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Thank you Dad's for all you do. You'll always be a hero in someone's eyes and that's a tale in time that will forever be true. Happy Father's Day to all of the men out there and happy shopping to the rest of you!

*I was given a product in exchange for this review. Thank you JORD for being part of today's post. All opinions are my own, and are extremely honest :) Thank you to my blog readers for supporting the brands on Dream Big & Buy the Shoes.

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