June 10, 2016

4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood

Every day isn't always an easy one, no matter how we try to train our brain. We can't always be in a great mood, am I right? Sometimes we just need a little something to turn our day around. What are those things though? Today I'm offering up four easy ways to boost your mood.

Pick up some fresh flowers. 
I promise you, grocery store flowers are my favorite...for a few reasons. They aren't expensive- can you believe this bunch was only $7 and they most usually last over a week. $1 a day for an instant mood brightener? Yes please! I love the way they put a smile on my face, by just being alive. That is true love friends.

Do a little dance. 
I'm all about acting like a goofball. Usually when my husband and I clean or get things done around the house on Sunday morning we have music blasting. We are dancing, laughing, and still being productive. I listen to music on my way to and home from work, sometimes while I cook and most times when I get ready for a night out. There's always something new and great to listen to on Apple Music if you're sick of the same old stuff. 

Say something nice to someone.
Nothing makes me feel better than complimenting someone else. Whether it's a text message to a friend I'm thinking of, or telling someone I love their shoes (and genuinely meaning it), the response is always great. Making someone else's day a little brighter always increases my mood, and it's SO easy to do.

Check out the dollar bins at Target.
I mean, nothing is more than $5. You can't beat it. Gifts for little ones, fun things for your home, bright pretties for your office and even snacks. A loop or two around the Target dollar spot definitely makes me happy, not always my back account...but hey-it's a balance, right? I scooped up these fun lights for $3 and they instantly added some fun to my bar cart while I'm not in the midst of holiday decor.

Don't you already feel happier? Four simple ways to boost your mood, and things you can do on a whim.  If these don't work, I'm sure a tasty drink will- make the best homemade iced coffee or indulge in some tasty sangria

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and that your smile shines through whether it's after buying some fresh flowers or mixing up a drink. Enjoy the days ahead!

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