May 25, 2016

Thoughts From The Bathtub

This is just a typical night in my life. Read along for some raw thoughts straight outta the tub.

How do people relax in here?
I should have brought wine
No. Wine makes me sleepy then I may drown
I can't swim, wonder if I could learn in the bathtub
I should clean the bathtub and shower better
Wonder if I could make my own cleaner
I need to do a new craft project, it's been too long
Maybe I could make a cell phone holder for the tub
I should write this all down
Where's my phone?
Oh shoot, don't bring the phone know what happened last time ((see caption below))

Wait, all this time wasted---you need to clean yourself
My razor is all the way up there
Standing up in the bathtub is weird, unless I'm getting out
Who needs to shave their legs anyways?
My loofah matches this hot pink bath oil
Who knew I liked hot pink so much
Wait, is this damn bath oil staining my hands pink?!
How in the HELL do people relax in here?

I'm OUT!

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