May 20, 2016

The Time I Met 50 Cent

So every good celebrity story should start with a fun city, right?! Right. Well, none better than Las Vegas for mine.

Let's take it back to 2012!! It was Chuck & I first trip to Las Vegas together and we had found a ridiculously awesome Groupon for a stay at Hard Rock which included an all you can drink wristband at their main bar from 12pm- 12 am every day. You can imagine the fun that in itself brought.

It was the second to last night of our trip and we were down at the bar enjoying some drinks while we waited for our limo to take us to our dinner reservations and all of a sudden I see a TON of huge (I swear they were seven foot tall) men walking through the lobby. I said to Chuck "Someone famous is here." All these people coming in a herd wearing jackets that said "The Money Team" on the back and I'm thinking, what the heck is The Money Team? We get alerted that our limo has arrived and Chuck goes out front to let them know we are coming while I'm waiting for our friends to come. 
I'm standing there watching all these people walk through and at this point I am convinced someone important is here by the amount of security that is coming. All of a sudden I see none other than 50 Cent and I scream. I look ahead and Chuck is standing by a door with wide eyes and he says "Holy shit, I just held the door for 50 Cent."

At this point we are going to be late for our dinner reservations, but my trap queen soul is wanting to just forget dinner and run after 50. We get in the limo and immediately start searching things on our phone. The Money Team is Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s group and he had a fight that weekend, so our assumption is 50 was there to watch. The whole ride to dinner I am frrrreaking out about the fact that 50 Cent is somewhere in our hotel and start to think of the possibilities. Is he staying on our floor? There's no, how do I gain access to the suites? What do I say when I go to hug him? Does he remember me from that concert at Penn State when I fell down the steps after a few too many drinks and one too many butt shakes? Will he rap me a verse?
Chuck had about enough of me babbling the whole ride, but I told him that when we got back to Hard Rock I was on the search for 50, I wasn't letting him leave.

We get back to the hotel and immediately I'm off...I go straight to the Front Desk and ask if they've seen him. I don't know why I thought they would tell me if they had, I'm a fool. So what do I do next? Wander through the slot machines, like he's going to be sitting down playing one. I finally get smart and think...maybe he's at a restaurant. So obviously I head to the most expensive restaurant, the steak joint...because if a man is going to eat, that's probably where he would be, right?! Wrong.

I come back to the main bar area...which if you've ever been to Hard Rock you know is a giant circle. The bar is a few steps up but the front lobby loops around in one big circular area. I'm standing by the bar when I look over to our favorite place to dine all week (and during my other trips to Vegas)...Mr. Lucky's. The set up of the restaurant is an open area with an exposed kitchen and from the lobby you can see every single table inside it. The restaurant is roped off and sure enough there is a herd of black jackets sitting up there eating. No shit, 50 Cent is sitting in a freaking diner at Hard Rock and no one even notices. NO ONE! I run over and pull my phone out and a very large member of his security team steps in front of me and asks me to not disrupt his dinner. Ok, I get it. But...I'm just trying to creep...let me get ONE picture.

Naturally he's surrounded by women. I'm talking about 20 women and a team of security, those stinking 7 foot tall men who won't let me take pictures. I realize that they aren't going to be okay with me taking a picture so I go back to the bar and wait. And wait. Finally I see people about to move and I get up and walk towards the restaurant. He walks out with his security team and I walk behind them trying to get pictures. I try to run in front and take a selfie with him and a large man stops me again. So as he walks away I scream "I love you 50!" and Curtis Jackson replied "I love you too girl!" was a moment I'll never forget. I about passed out.

We followed them outside of the Hard Rock and there were over six $100,000 cars lined up. 50 Cent got in one car, then the cars moved and rearranged their positions. People were loading bags in and out of different cars while a crowd started to form. So many people didn't even realize that 50 Cent was in one of them and were asking what was going on. We stood there until they finally all pulled away and then my life was complete. But really...thank you for loving me back 50 Cent, I can now leave a satisfied woman.

So that's it. No outstanding posed pictures (thanks Security)...but 50 Cent did admit his love for me, so I'll take it. Be sure to hop over to Macy's page and read all about her celebrity encounter.
Link up below...I can't wait to hear your stories!

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