May 18, 2016

Summer Essentials For Every Woman

With Summer quickly approaching, I always like to take inventory of what I have at home vs. what I will need for the next season. Think of it as switching your closets over, and taking a look at what's in your beauty bag, bathroom and more for Summer. I do it every year because to be honest, each one changes. Usually I'm more busy in the Summer...on the go between watching my Stepson the soccer field, weekend trips with my family to make more memories, or attending work events and family get together's. I need to be prepared for every occasion. Spending time outside is crucial for my summer fun. Since I live in the North East and experience a lot of cold weather, once that sunshine hits I'm all about soaking up the sun.

summer essentials

Evian face care

Lydell nyc jewelry

S'Well Satin Bikini Pink Bottle- 17 oz.

Evian Facial Spray is ideal for getting rid of sweat, and helps prevent dry skin and breakouts. In the midst of a crazy, hot summer it keeps me feeling refreshed and calms me down. The mist is perfect because my skin absorbs it without ruining my makeup, better yet it gives my face a smooth natural finish. It's cooling and perfect, it's like a nice cold margarita for your face. 

Since receiving my Swell bottle for Valentine's Day, I don't leave home without it. The bottle keeps my water cold for 12 hours and fits perfectly in my purse as I tote it along for my long days. 
Other necessities in the heat include the most perfect hair ties from Sephora. I've bought them time after time for a few years. They're ideal for my thick, heavy hair because they actually don't give me a headache. 

One thing you will always find me with, no matter the season is some bigger than life earrings. Once my hair is pulled back off my face I fear I look like a teenage boy. I always have a pair of big, fun earrings on hand to compliment my face and outfit. Whether it's a pair of simple gold hoops or some with fringe or bold colors, I think earrings can change a whole look. can find one in every nook and corner of our house. My car. The bedroom. The living room. I throw everything in them, from my Swell bottle to coupons and sunglasses and even a few groceries or a fresh bouquet after a trip to the store. I typically get mine from Forever 21 because they're inexpensive and they always have some fun ones to choose from.
Last but not least, a woman is never complete without her lip gloss. My favorite summer color as of last year is Bella from Stila. It's the perfect pop of pink and is bright and cheery. I promise you'll get a ton of compliments when you put it on, so don't miss a chance to shine. It's a great pair with a mist of the Evian Facial Spray and all the essentials fit perfectly in my tote!

Now, a chance for you to win over $75 worth of goodies brought to you by Evian--Good Luck!

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What is your number one Summer Essential?

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  1. I've never even heard of Evian water spray, now I want to try it!