May 9, 2016

How To Style The Perfect Bar Cart

I'm a huge fan of bar carts, and I didn't even know it until we got one of our own a few years ago. What started as a little place to house some liquor now holds some of the best memories in our home. The bar cart is a gathering place, and it was all put together so simply. There's a few things I think every bar cart should have, and another few I personally love.

The line up of must have's....

A pop of color.
Whether it's in the form of a bold blue vase like mine, or with a cool bottle of liquor I think every cart should bring a piece of pizzazz. Your bar cart may be in a neutral room, but what makes it really fun is the way you incorporate color and tell a story with your area.
I choose to add color in a few ways. I love the blue vase, and what vase isn't complete with some bright stems. Fact: I buy fresh flowers at the grocery store every few weeks. They last incredibly long and make me so happy.

I switched up some things on our cart and revamped the large glass of Cheer. I purchased this at Marshall's a few years ago and up until recently it kept all the napkins and straws on the cart organized. I decided I wanted to add some faux fruit inside the glass and put some flowers in the center. I did all this for less than $12 (not including the cost of the glass), but you can do it with any vase or glass piece. The fruit came from Amazon and the faux flowers from you guessed it...Hobby Lobby. 

Some cute necessities.
Every drink usually comes with a few things...good liquor, maybe some ice and most definitely the necessities- a straw and napkin. They should definitely be crazy straws and quirky napkins to add cuteness. I am a sucker for a funny saying on a napkin. I always am sure to find several packs for each holiday or occasion and put them on the cart to add some decor to our home. Marshall's and TJ Maxx are my favorite spots for napkins and I find a lot of great straws from several places including IKEA and Target. For a few bucks you can really spruce up your space, make your drink pretty & the bar cart a happening place to be in your home.

You can add to the party....

A picture that tells a story.
Another more recent change to the bar cart is the framed picture of Chuck and I. Before this one, I had another Vegas one of us at Rhumbar at the Mirage. While I loved that picture of our first visit to Sin City together, I wanted a more recent memory and new view. This one was taken in front of Caesar's Palace and I really love it. It was the most perfect day in the desert sun and Chuck & I had just got done browsing the hotel. We both had been to Caesar's Palace before, but never really walked around the grounds outside of the's absolutely enormous and so beautiful! Having a framed picture that tells a fun story about a trip or a memory on your cart is always a great conversational piece.

Touches of affordable fun.
I always find something from the Target dollar spot...well, don't we all?! Whether it's a cute sign, a blinged out decorative piece, or a new set of makes a way on to the bar cart. I picked up these lights for only $3 and when I was back a few days later (don't judge me) I decided I needed the tassel garland too, because it was screaming "I wanna party!" to me. You can make your own tassel garland, or just shell out the money if you're feeling that you need a change right  away. Candles are a thing in our home, they may have even come built in because we never seem to be without them in every room. This includes the bar cart...once again Target came through with a Coconut Gelato candle and the unicorns sang from above with some new smelly goodies.

You can also sprinkle in...

Some great glassware. 
I love to show off my gold lipped glasses, since I made them myself. They're easy to do and will look great on your bar & also make a great can check out the DIY instructions and get to work. My husband won these golden champagne flutes from a Twitter contest held by Bravo a few years ago. He tweeted about Reza's mustache from Shahs of Sunset and was announced the these pretty glasses from Barneys' New York have made their way to the top shelf of the cart on display.

A good book.
A cocktail or recipe book is a great way to get ideas brewing for your next party and can also add that pop of color I was talking about. I received the Spritz book from Blogging For Books and can't wait to share with you my next drink experiment.  I already mixed up The Perfect Bloody Mary from the last book shipment and it's perfect for any weekend morning.

An eclectic or vintage piece.
I purchased this whiskey barrel  from Pottery Barn for my husband and we constantly get compliments on it. It's such a fun part of the bar cart and is obviously useful too. I think having a standout piece is a great idea, especially one that relates to the matter at hand- Cheers Friends!

I love that our bar cart is a piece that is a good round up of things we love, and tells a lot about us. We have spent many nights with friends gathered around the bar cart enjoying drinks, sharing stories...and better yet, creating memories.
Do you know what else I enjoy? Decorating the cart with the can see what I put out for  Halloween and my favorite festive season, Christmas too.

I would love to hear what you like on a bar cart. Do you have one in your home? What's your favorite thing on the cart?

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