May 23, 2016

Beauty On A Budget // Face Primer

As Lindsay and I were discussing what we would cover next for our series, we discovered that one of us loves drugstore face primers and high end concealers and the other loves drugstore concealers and high end face primers...can you guess who's who?

Today we decided that each of us would cover what we loved and used the best in our respected budget friendly areas and allow you to visit the other's blog to see the thoughts and opinions on the other product.

To be honest, I've only been using a face primer for a few years, and boy I'm glad I started. My makeup covers so much better and without a doubt stays on that much better too.

face primers on a budget

Today I'll give a review on my three favorite primers that I've found that don't break the bank.

First up, NYX Pore Filler. Coming in at $13.99 it isn't the cheapest, but I feel that primers are a different beast in the beauty category. If you want something that works effectively, you sometimes need to shell out a little more money. While I notice that my makeup has a good base with this primer and it applies easier, I do not feel that it's a huge pore filler. I don't have the smallest pores, but I also don't feel that mine are awful. If you're looking for a good primer though, you can count on it with this one. I've also mentioned before that Ulta often does a buy one, get one 50% off with NYX that's always a good time to add something like this to your beauty bag.

Next, a recent addition with the  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind  with a lower price tag of $8.99. I couldn't resist picking this up a few weeks ago on my latest Ulta run, but it can be found at several different drug stores which is nice. I am really loving this primer. I use about a penny sized drop and it covers my whole face well and gives the silkiest canvas to apply my liquid foundation without leaving me shiny halfway through the day. It really helps control my somewhat oily face and is a perfect base. You won't be disappointed with this purchase if you're looking for a basic primer.

Last but not least, the NYX Shine Killer.  This primer is also priced at $13.99 but is well worth it if you have issues with shine. This has worked especially well during the sticky summer months for my skin. It moisturizes and still leaves my makeup with a matte look on my face which is perfect. You don't need much at all. I've had it for several months and until I recently picked up the Maybelline primer had been using it almost every day.  

budget friendly face products

To be honest, I've only tried a few other primers that don't fit in to the Beauty On A Budget category, and of them all I would recommend Maybelline Instant Age Rewind as the number one choice if you're looking for a new product. I know everyone's skin is different, but with my combination skin it does work best so coming in at $8.99 it's worth a try for anyone.

Be sure to visit Lindsay today and check out what she's recommending in the category of concealers.

Do you have a favorite primer? What would you like to see Lindsay and I talk about next time for Beauty On A Budget?

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