May 6, 2016

April Favorites

I loved April, but as always happens during this time of the year...I'm ready for more. More sunshine, more heat, more fun activities outdoors...I want it all. Before we get too carried away, let's talk about my favorite things from April.

Favorite Dreamy Post: Before I followed a handful of lifestyle bloggers and got in to having my own blog, I deeply admired several fashion bloggers. While I could never be one, it's dreamy to take a look in to their world...including their homes. Emily from The Sweetest Thing shared her Home Office and I wish I could jump through the screen and get to work there all day... and play with her sweet pup, Fitz. I mean, hashtag office goals here.

Favorite Event Post: A New York girl who loves Pittsburgh--that's Dana from Pink Champagne Problems. Besides these awesome things about her, she also got the chance to hang out with Carole Radziwill from the Real Housewives of New York and even taught her a thing or two at the Night Out with B Floral Event. I won't spoil it for you, but flower crowns and a phone were involved...too cool.

Favorite Moment: Country Sunday. A few weekends ago, Chuck and I made the trip to Columbus Ohio to see Garth Brooks. Garth is to Chuck like Britney is to me, enough said. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a road trip and some outdoor shopping at Easton Town Centre. Most times, life is so busy and we get in a routine of the same thing day in and day it's nice when a rare moment comes along for us to enjoy the company of one another without worrying about anything else. It's important to have those moments and getaways in a relationship, and I'm thankful for each one we get.

garth brooks concert pics
Garth puts on one hell of a show.
garth brooks world tour
ps....I love the way they love. So cute!
Favorite Healthy Post: Kerri from Cheshire Kat started a series that I loved called H.E.T.--Getting Back On The Healthy Eating Train and put out a ton of useful information about food, your health, and do's & dont's over the weeks. I loved how she broke down the basics and kept it simple for those of us who needed it. (Hand raised)!

Favorite Beauty Post: Becca who blogs at Becca Dorr is one of my go to girls when it comes to beauty and makeup. She knows her stuff, and is always sharing her experiences with products from drugstore to high end and I love her for that. She showed us how she fills in her brows, complete with a YouTube video. Yes girl, all about those brows!

Favorite Blogging Post: Does your blog bring you happiness? Llinos from The Lilac Linnet asks us the very important question we should take time to answer...How Do You Feel About Your Blog? For a lot of us, this is a hobby. It shouldn't feel like a task or a burden, and if you don't evaluate how you're feeling or where you're at you may be losing sight of it all.

Favorite Purchase: I recently subscribed to something new I wanted to try out, BootayBag and received my first month in the mail. For only $12 I get 2 pair of super comfortable and really pretty underwear. The items I received in my first shipment were insanely soft and I loved them more than I thought I would.

Favorite Home Post: Ok...Ok...I know, 2 similar posts, but I couldn't not include Afternoon Espresso's Closet & Office Reveal. Ashley has impeccable taste and combined a variety of realistic pieces along with just a few high end ones to create a beautiful space. My favorite part? The bar cart, duh.

Favorite Dream Big Posts in April:
The Perfect Bloody Mary

I hope you find some inspiration, great stories, and new things your bank account may regret while clicking along the links. Enjoy my favorites from the month and have a beautiful weekend friends!

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