April 11, 2016

Why I Don't Mind Getting Older

I'm not one who believes in revealing my age, but I wouldn't classify myself as old. Recently I saw someone post a picture on their birthday and talk about how they feared their birthday each year because they are getting older. I thought about it and realized....I really don't mind. Not one bit.

I've outgrown the growing pains.
I no longer feel awkward for having a big butt or curves. I used to be so embarrassed of my behind, now I own that thing. I've got a Beyonce booty, and hey...she's fabulous. I don't have perfect hair, it seriously has a mind of it's own when I let it go natural and the curls are flowing it's pretty much crazy...but I rock it. I'm comfortable in my own crazy skin.

My car insurance has come down.
Score! I mean, the perk of getting older is discounts, am I right!? Speaking of cars, I no longer care about having the coolest car, I would rather not have a car payment than go and get another new car. My car is safe, is still pretty cute and gets me to where I need to be...and a big bonus, it's almost paid off. I will literally rock this thing until the wheels fall off.

I no longer care what people think about me.
I'm loud. I'm bold. I'm sassy. I have a weird laugh. I'm independent. I speak what's on my mind- 110% of the time. Again, I own it. It's who I am. I don't say sorry after I laugh obnoxiously or am too loud in public. It's me, and I love it.

I've learned to embrace the unknown.
After years of trying to plan where my life is going to go or what's going to happen next, I have learned to go with the flow (a little better). I don't have fear of the unknown and I'm not trying to plan every second of my life. We want to have another child and I do want one of my own, I would like a golden doodle and a nice big house for all these things...but when that happens, I don't exactly know and that's okay with me. 

Life is always changing, and the future is really inevitable. As much as I'm a dreamer, I believe that the path we are taken on may not always be the one we thought we would walk...but the journey is worth every step. As I get older, I learn to love life a little more each year.

What are your thoughts on getting older?

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