April 22, 2016

Theresa Caputo Would Like A Pedicure

I had a post previously scheduled for today, but yesterday, life happened...and sometimes, well this itself is more exciting than our regularly scheduled programming.

I know you've heard it before, but I love my job. Every day is different, crazy and fun. Recently I took on some additional roles, but I still manage our front desk and oversee the day to day operations in that area. Yesterday I was at the front when I heard one of our workers say "I'm sorry, but we are fully booked. Is there another day that may work in your schedule?" This is typical. We are busy...ALL. THE. TIME.
The next thing I overhear is not something I like dealing with, but it's part of the job. "Oh, who? Okay. Let me get my Manager on the phone." No, today is not my day. I'm sick, it's been a long week...and I'm not sure what's about to come.

Ummm Theresa Caputo's agent is on the phone. She's in town for a show tonight and would like a pedicure. I look at our schedule. We're completely booked. My co-worker looks at me and says "What are you going to do?" I'm going to make it work...that's what we do at our business. And plus, it's Theresa Caputo...we're going to make this happen. We can't say no to The Long Island Medium.

I go back to my office and get on the phone to speak to her agent, he's super laid back and I ask him if I can call him back in less than five minutes. I tell my boss what's going on and get to work. We make some calls, move some things around, ask an employee to stay late...and boom, Theresa Caputo is coming for a pedicure at 2 pm.

I'm the type of girl who doesn't know how to act around anyone famous. I'm not cool like that. I "I love you 50 Cent" (yes, that happened)....which reminds me, I should write a post about that. This type of girl was put in charge of "handling" Theresa when she arrived. Great, hope I don't say something ridiculous like "read me" or "am I giving you good vibes Theresa".

Don't worry, I didn't freak out. She walked in the door, I greeted her with a smile and she was the sweetest lady ever. Wearing blinged out Converse and cheetah print shorts she came walking in like she was a regular, giving me a hug and everything. She was extremely kind and I walked her in to our nail room, offered her a beverage...she declined, duh...she had some Fiji water. Stupid question Emelia.

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A few minutes later I went back out to our lounge and introduced myself to her agent. He thanked me several times for getting her in on such short notice. I had to ask, why us? Well...when you Google the number one salon or spa in our city, you'll find us. We have an extremely talented staff and a beautiful business, we are the top place in the city for a reason. And well, Theresa unfortunately experienced an awful pedicure the day before in Columbus...(shame on you Ohio) and needed her toes done again.

After her pedicure I met Theresa in our back hallway and offered her one of our sparkly graphic tees and she shrieked with excitement. She's my kinda girl...chose the black t-shirt with our business name in sparkling silver. I asked her if she was comfortable taking a picture, but not before she hugged me again ( I love a good hug) and she was happy to take a picture. I rounded up some of our staff who were happily hanging out in the background and her agent gratefully took a few pictures. She hugged me again and had to get on her way back to her hotel.

Just when I thought I didn't like Thursday's....Theresa Caputo wanted a pedicure, and now I suddenly don't mind them one bit.

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