April 4, 2016

My Skincare Routine: An Update

I previously shared my nightly skincare routine and wanted to give you an update since I have started using some new products and I always want to share great things. I have found so many awesome products that really do their job that I am loving. 

Valentia was kind enough to let me try out their Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum and I have nothing but great things to say. I was already using their Even Glow Serum and recently also purchased the Eye Cream and love the positive effects they all have on my skin. The Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum  is great for moisturizing and has definitely revived my overall skin tone. As mentioned in my previous skincare routine post, I love Valentia and get really great results quickly. 
The Eye Cream has already brightened up my undereye area and reduced some puffiness that I sometimes experience. 

Valentia hosts some great giveaways on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow them for a chance to win, because who wouldn't want to!? I love that their products are also offered on Amazon, because Amazon Prime is everything. Skincare products within 2 days from online to your doorstep? Yes please! They were kind enough to share a 20% discount for my readers by using code DREAMS20 on your order. The code is good for one month, so don't miss out. 

I know I'm a little late to the Mario Badescu train, but I just scooped up some Drying Lotion from Ulta during their 21 Days of Beauty sale and am loving the strong effect, but maybe I'm using too much because  some of the areas I put it on have really dried up. Other than that, this stuff works wonders and I can't wait to try out some of their other things. 

I read last month about  Bare Minerals Cleaning Oil and was surprised to hear how well an oil works for cleansing your face. We have a skincare line at the spa I work at, CBI and thought I would try the Olive Dual Cleansing Oil. The thing I love most about this product is that you can put it on a wet or dry face. I typically use this after my face wash and before my toner or cleansing water. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and gets a lot of build up from my face leaving it fresh and clean.

I obviously was interested in checking out all the hype of the Micellar Cleaning Water and it sure lives up to everything I've heard and more. I don't know whether I should love or hate the amount of makeup I see come off after cleansing my face and using the water. This stuff is seriously amazing and want to kiss the cheeks of the person who made this stuff. If you don't have this in your everyday routine, run to your nearest drug store and spend the $7-it's well worth it.

Last but not least, my PMD. Brace yourselves for a ridiculous story behind my relationship with the PMD. I purchased this last year after receiving microderm treatments from the spa on a regular basis. I was hooked and wanted to get the results at home too. I scooped this up during one of Nordstrom's sales and had one of my Nordstrom certificates, so I only paid around $70 for the device. 
I don't like instructions. Well, I don't mind them, but I don't fully read them. This time, I learned my lesson. I was using the PMD about once every few weeks and thought, wow...this thing is kind of scraping my face and leaving it pretty red. I was also experiencing severe dryness and was pretty bummed that this product wasn't living up to the reviews I read, because I always read a ton of reviews before buying 99% of my beauty products.

Wellllll, a few months ago I was reading a beauty blog and she had a short vlog of her using the PMD. I watched it and I had been using this damn thing wrong all this time. I hadn't put the clear part back over the disc that spins and the disc was directly touching my face rather than through a barrier creating the suction effect. Hello! No wonder my skin was acting crazy. Never again will I skim directions, I swear. Now that I know how to properly use my PMD (holy embarrassing) I have seen great results and for anyone on the fence about biting the bullet and getting one...DO IT!

I absolutely love all the products I have been using in my updated skincare routine and hope you find something you love that works great for your skin too. Don't forget to use code DREAMS20 on your Valentia products and save.

What's one of your favorite skincare products? Anything else I should try?
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