April 8, 2016

March Favorites

Another month come and gone, how does it happen? I don't mind this time around, because Spring brings such good vibes all around. Sunshine, longer daylight, and more time outside for us Northerners. Let's get to recapping my March favorites...

Favorite Post About Happiness: Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine is such a beautiful person, inside and out. She always is a dose of happiness with sweet comments on my blog. She shared 9 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have and this post was spot on and really perked up my week when I read it.

Favorite Moment: Getting the courage to work out again. It's quite embarrassing how long it's taken me to get back on the train, but wow do I feel SO much better when I do. Whether it's a jog outside or T-25 videos inside, I've been doing it consistently 3-5 times a week and working my way up.

Favorite Post About Joy: I was completely shocked when I read this post from Carmen about some just have to check it out and see what happened, because it's so crazy and has such a happy ending. 

Favorite Recipe: Nadine from Life By Nadine Lynn shares these delicious carrot fries and I seriously could eat them right through the screen. I shared with my vegetarian friends (hi Elisa!) and am excited to make them myself!

image via Nadine

Favorite TV Show: You know I'm not ashamed to admit my love for reality TV. I am SO stoked that Teen Mom 2 is back. While I don't condone or like some of their behavior, it's all very interesting to me watching how the children have grown up. For the most part, they are so well behaved and well mannered, which can be applauded for them growing up in the spotlight.

Favorite Inspirational Post: So, I couldn't choose just one, and Nadine just knocked it out the park with her posts this month, so she made my round-up twice! Both these posts talked about Dreaming Big, which you know I love. Nadine shared  how it's never too late and I love her  passion in this post, and I must add- everything she says rang true for me.   Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write told us why it's important to continue to chase after our dreams, because like Nadine discussed, it's never too late friends.

Favorite Purchase: As you may have seen on Instagram, I took advantage of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty that was going on all month. I scooped up the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and really like it so far. I also grabbed a mascara that I'll be talking about next Beauty On A stay tuned.

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Favorite Post About Health: I've been reading a good amount of information lately about people having reactions, intolerances, etc...and it may be food related. You may think it's hard to keep track of your daily intake,  but Sheryl from How To Make shares the benefits of having a food journal. I love this option opposed to counting calories, etc. because it first teaches awareness and then you can notice trends, habits, etc. 

Favorite Book: I finally read Girl On The Train...and finished it in a day because I couldn't take the suspense. I really enjoyed it and was excited to actually finish two books in March. I also read Teresa Guidice "Turning The Tables", it wasn't  the best written book, but I wanted to see her perspective of life behind bars after living a lavish housewife life. I will admit, I just found out all the details on GoodReads last month (where have I been?!) and love seeing what everyone is reading...let's be friends!

My Favorite Dream Big Posts This Month:

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