April 25, 2016

How I Write Guest Posts

Have you ever been asked to write a guest post on a blog? Were you stuck on where to begin or what to write about? Yes, I've been there too. It can be tough coming up with content or wondering what the first step is. Follow along, one thing at a time and you'll be writing great posts in no time. 

Do your homework
I research the blog and what type of topics the blogger features on a daily basis. Are they a food blogger? Do they love a certain niche? Is the blogger a "how to" guru? This gives me a starting point on what type of content to dream up and work on.

Introduce yourself
Sometimes when I visit a blog I start reading and don't even realize I'm not seeing the blogger's own words. I'm a fan on introducing myself and let people know my name, and a little bit about me. I tell the blogger's readers what I like to write about and some things they may not know about me. Also, go a step further beyond introducing yourself and come back to the blog after you are featured. Check  out the comments on the post...interact and comment back and definitely thank people for reading.

Link posts
In that introduction, I link posts of my own to bring traffic back to my blog. When I tell people I love to experiment in the kitchen, I am sure to link one of my favorite recipes. Throughout the guest post, where it applies I also link to posts of mine that can easily allow readers to jump to my page.

Create a good image
Whether it's a styled stock image I have, or one I took of my own...I always include at least one in a guest post. People like pictures, so give them something to look at. Writing about a concert? Share a nice bright image of the crowd at a concert you attended. If you're posting about something you don't have an image for, use a general styled stock image...there's so many places to get them for free.

Follow guidelines
When I sponsored Becca's blog recently, I had the option of a guest post with the ad I purchased. Becca sent over some guidelines which was so clear, a nice reminder and had some excellent tips. I used her guidelines as an inspiration and created some tips of my own to share with my guest posters. I'm sharing all of those tips here, right now today, but you can see what it looks like here.

Use good grammar, formatting, etc...
Don't forget to spell check your post. I always do this before I send it over to the blogger, it only takes a minute. Your work is going to be shown on a whole new site, so make sure your grammar is up to par too. Last but definitely not least, send the HTML when submitting your post unless they specify their own preferences. I always write my post in Blogger, insert images, hyperlink posts and check everything before going to the HTML tab and copying everything to send over.

Be original, but be you
Don't be afraid to be your same self, even if you're stepping outside your comfort zone and showcasing yourself on another blog. Come up with something new and different, create a game, craft up a new printable, share your expertise in an area you're comfortable off your talents!

Following these steps will definitely put you on the right track to writing a great guest post.

Is there any other tips you would add when it comes to writing a guest post?

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