March 28, 2016

Stop The Madness

As I write this post, I am texting one of my friends about my current thoughts and I'm going to try and articulate them as best I can in this post.

I am sick and tired of women bashing women. that I got that out maybe I can explain my feelings a little better.

I don't want to go in to detail as where this stemmed from, but unfortunately it was another blog. If you're not a blogger, this still applies to you. If you have any form of social media, I think this applies to you.

As a blogger, I own this space. Well, technically Google owns this space, but you get what I'm saying. I have the freedom to type, verbalize, spout out and post whatever the hell I feel like. That's cool. But you know what's not? When I visit a blog and they are ranting and tearing down other women. I assure you, this is NOT what our blogs are meant for. Whether you're just starting out, or you've been writing for 5 years...come up with different content, because the hateful kind doesn't look good on you. 

I mentioned a few weeks ago how I'm sick of being told what to do when it comes to my blog, but that's not what I'm trying to do here. I think whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, or running a blog...your voice matters, and it can also hurt someone. Think before you speak, or you write.

I'm pretty sure that if another woman and her path to success is making you want to quit blogging, then maybe you are blogging for the wrong reasons. Find YOUR passion, and follow your dreams...but don't tear others down while you do it. I can't believe the comments I am reading on a current post, literally tearing this woman down for being pretty and damn good at what she does. It makes me sick and sad as a woman to be involved in even reading the comments. 

I'm all for encouraging other women...frankly anyone..applauding their success...and most times their product of hard work makes me want to work harder and find out what drives me more. No one is perfect, we've all said some things we don't mean...but please don't hit that post button until you've thought long and hard about the role you have in this world. 

In case you haven't seen it before I wrote a letter to fashion bloggers. The intent was to give a high five to fashion bloggers because most of what I read from lifestyle bloggers when they do mention them, is that everything is handed to them...clothes...bags...etc... and they make so much money. I believe they work hard. Shoot, I take about an hour to take a semi decent picture to put on this to put out 6-7 images per post of something that looks amazing sounds like something I don't have the patience props to anyone that loves it.

I remember seeing all the awesome posts and uplifting words being shared for International Women's Day...maybe every day should love your fellow female day. 

Support one another, be a babe and say something nice...being kind NEVER gets old. 

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