March 3, 2016

DIY Patterned Dream Board

I wanted to create a board to hang some of my recent work from my new Etsy shop, but didn't want a plain old bulletin board. A trip to Hobby Lobby, some push pins and a stapler is all you need to make this come to life.

You will need:

Bulletin Board
Fabric- size depends on size of your board
Push Pins

To make:

Lay out your fabric to cover your board
You will want enough fabric to fold over the back of your board and secure
Pull fabric tightly on each side to smooth out and get layout on your board
Start on one side of the board and while pulling, smooth then secure with a push-pin
Continue this pattern up or down the board alternating sides to secure best
*I worked from the bottom up
Once your pins are in the board you will flip your board over to have the face down
Fold a corner piece of your board first and staple on the back to hold in place
Continue down the side of the board by stapling to secure the fabric in place to the back of the board
Follow these steps until the whole board is complete

Now...get to dreaming. Find your inspiration and decorate your board.

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See you next week friends....have a wonderful weekend.

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