February 23, 2016

The Husband Talks: Charlie Chat

You may remember reading some of the the Blogger Men Tell All series which I enjoy & Chuck of course loves. I've been wanting to do some more of you getting to know my husband for several reasons. He's my number one fan, and he's completely crazy and fun. So here's to a new series of my own...Charlie Chat.

Side note: I started calling Chuck by a different name after we took our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. One of our stateroom waiters was a sweet Jamaican man, Kenloy, and on the first night he was asking us all if we had nicknames and what names we go by. He got to Chuck and said "Hello Charles. Do we call you Chuck, Charlie, Charles?" I busted out laughing and yelled out "Charlie?!" which Kenloy thought was serious and he's been Charlie ever since. I crack up almost every time I say it.

Let's get started. But before we begin here's the rundown.
My questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any after the *asterisk.

How do you feel being the husband of a blogger?
Being the husband of THIS blogger makes me extremely proud. I know how much this space means to you and seeing the reaction I get when I tell people my wife blogs is a feeling that I can't really explain.

*Well isn't he sweet? I'm not kidding when I say he's my number one fan...I wouldn't be surprised if he's got my face on a foam finger somewhere.

If you had a blog, what would you write about?
I'm glad you asked this, because its something I've asked myself constantly. Obviously I'd talk about hot stocks and breaking sports stories. I'd sprinkle in some celeb gossip and weekly sneaker updates and since I'm so fashion-forward, I'd probably talk about $2600 Kanye sweaters. Oh, and baseball cards. I'd definitely post pics of my awesome cards I pulled at Dave's.

*Chuck once wanted to start a blog a few years ago "So this guy walked in to a cell phone store" about his daily stories from the industry and it would have been a hit. Also, he really is up on his celeb gossip- usually knows stuff before me.

What goes through your head when I ask you to take pictures for the blog?
"Jesus, I hope the neighbors don't think we're shooting the vanilla stuff for a dirty movie." This has also crossed my mind on multiple occasions.

* I told you he's crazy. Hope no children are reading.

What are some of your favorite posts I've written?
In order...Blogger Men Tell All Vol 1-all of them, the one the other day where I told you, "life isn't always about the page views," (sage advice, there) and then all the Wedding Wednesday stuff.

*He's loving this. Absolutely loving this friends...I'm glad he's reading ;)

Who is Tory Burch?
A lady (guy?) that charges WAY too much for handbags. Hey Tory, if you're reading this, bring it down a notch and if I could get these things at Target or Best Buy, that'd be great.

*Apparently Charlie isn't a fan of Neiman Marcus- because that's the only place he was able to find the bag he got me for Christmas. I swore he liked online shopping.

If you had to guess (this is me asking you to), how much money have I spent so far at Sephora this year?
Calendar or fiscal? I'd assume its north of 4 bills. Normally I wouldn't even know what to guess but there was a $245 brush on the browser the other day when I made the Verizon payment.

*Double those 4 bills...and I didn't buy the brush, I'm looking for a dupe.

I have to go to Target--are you coming with me and how long does it take us to make it through the entire store?
Preferably not and significantly less time if I stay out of your way at the Cashier stand.

*HA! I always bitch that he doesn't put things on the register in the right order. Who's the crazy one?!

So that, my friends, is my husband. I don't know what will come out of his mouth next...but that's one of the reasons our life is so fun.

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