February 9, 2016

Dreamy Instagram Inspo: Calming may mean different things to different people. For me, it's the feeling I get in the presence of someone or something. Today's feature on the Dreamy Instagram Inspo Series showcases calming account can catch up with the series here too where I talked about colorful Instagram accounts .

Marjorie // @creativekipi

Pastels are calming to me, they bring some color without screaming in your face. Marjorie finds the beauty in her pastel world and brings it forth in so many fun ways.

A photo posted by Marjorie Lacombe ⚡️⚡️ (@creativekipi) on

Laura // @theuniquenest

Whether it's a shot of what she's baking or a peek at her home, Laura has a way of making me feel relaxed and comfortable. Her pictures inside her life are interesting and beautiful in a way that intrigue me.

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Brianne // @briconley

While Brianne is a #girlboss and owner of a fabulous boutique in my favorite city (Pittsburgh) she also is extremely chic, but not in an overbearing in your face way. Every picture she posts makes me want to curl up inside those tiny little Instagram squares and be whisked away to wherever she is.

A photo posted by Brianne Conley (@briconley) on

Anne // lovethehereandnowblog

 Anne is one of my favorite bloggers, hands down. When I read her posts I smile, connect and always feel like she is there to hug me through the computer screen when I need it. This extends to her Instagram feed--it's extremely calming. I don't know if it's the soft colors, her picturesque home or just the beautiful person she is, but I love her pictures.  Check it out:

Anne is also a wise blogger who share's so many tips with the blogging world and gives us all sorts of amazing advice. Anne's post Using Instagram as a Blogger is one you need to check out if you are a blogger too.

Since Anne is my Shine Seeker sponsor this month I asked her what she loves about Instagram and this is what she said:
I love to share my home and my life at home. I'm trying to edit all of my photos the same so that my feed has the same vibe throughout...light and airy and calm. I hope that comes across!

As for me--the sky is what calms me the most. I have what some may call, an obsession, with the much so I created my own hashtag to document the story. Want to see some seriously calming stuff? Check out #emeliasskyloveaffair on Instagram-- it won't disappoint. Follow me here!

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I am so excited to share so much more in this series, but I want to hear from you too! What are your favorite Instagram accounts? What type of pictures do you want to see here?

Don't forget to pop over to my feed today--I'll be sharing another tip for all you Instagram loving peeps.

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