January 11, 2016

It's Okay To Relax

Sometimes I have these moments like, right now. I have a million ideas, goals and dreams in my head and getting them all organized seems like such a huge task.

I have a Brittany Fuson planner that I love because it's lightweight, cute and fits great in my purse so I can always have it with me. I tried relying on a strictly electronic calendar for a while, but it just didn't work for me. I'm a visual person and need to see things on paper. When I started the blog, I definitely needed to utilize one and purchased an Erin Condren but didn't love it. It was too big for me, and I couldn't get down with the layout.

While I have these thoughts in my head about what to do for my blog first, what task to cross off my list, what dream to pursue next...I had something else cross my mind.
It's okay to relax. Yes, it is.
I'm such a busy person, and an over achiever by nature. I don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to my work and that's making it difficult for me on the blog end because there are so many things to remember: a pinnable image, SEO, scheduling social media promotions. You's a lot.

Some days when I get home from work it's hard to jump back in front of the computer and get to blog related things...especially when I'm doing laundry, trying to prepare dinner, making sure my stepson's homework is done, and attempting to find time to unwind from my work day.

I have big dreams, high hopes and LOTS on my to do list, just like so many other people out there,  you have to remember to take it easy.
I really believe that our brains and bodies work better when we have the chance to let them rest and regroup. When I'm in front of the computer flat out exhausted it seems to take me forever to even gather my thoughts.

You read everywhere about people saying if you miss a day of blog posting you lose your following, or the strong never sleep. One of my big long term goals is to work for myself someday. I know it's not easy. I am sure that entrepreneurs and business owners alike work ten times harder than us busting ass at a 9 to 5. Each and every one of us needs a few quiet moments to step away from it all and L I V E. Unplug and relax peeps, in the end our lives, blogs and inner selves will thank us. 

While I have huge goals and plans for the future like the rest of you, I love the times where I can sit and dream BIG.

What do you do to unwind or relax?

Happy Monday friends!

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