January 5, 2016

Instagram Is Everything// Dreamy Instagram Inspo: A Series

I have told you before and I'll say it again...Instagram is my favorite form of social media. It inspires, it gives a little glimpse into someone's life, it showcases the fun parts and it tells a story. In a world where literally everything is becoming more visual, Instagram is the shining star in the social universe.

Discovering new Instagram accounts makes me insanely happy and I get lost in all the beautiful pictures I find. If you were to see my camera roll on my phone half of it is screenshots of people's Instagram accounts because I love to go back and scroll for hours and hours checking out all the great posts.

In the past I have featured some really awesome Instagram accounts, and have now decided I will continue to do that monthly in a little series called:  Dreamy Instagram Inspo 

My goal is to show you some seriously beautiful pictures, as well as share some tips I've learned along the way to make your pictures and account stand out. I want to help you love life a little more by seeing the beauty in it, dream bigger and see all the color the world has to offer and show you that you can create awesome things just by being you.

I first shared 4 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow and then last month featured 6 Inspirational Instagram Accounts ((Holiday Home Decor))  and that's just the beginning. I have found SO many accounts that you're going to love. Whether you love color, simplicity, witty captions, or straight up real life images...I have something to show each and every one of you that.

The series will be held the second Tuesday of each month so you will continue to be inspired monthly. I would love to hear any suggestions you have for themes, accounts, etc...

Be sure not to miss anything, as you may see some sneak peeks & tips on my own Instagram account
@emeliaanne_ along with a peek in to my world-- I love baking, DIY projects, traveling and the fun in everyday life.
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I am really excited to feature my favorite form of social media on the blog as well as some jaw dropping accounts and really cool people. This series will tie in with another upcoming announcement, so you want to stay tuned because I have some great things in store for this space in 2016.

Happy Tuesday friends!

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