January 25, 2016

How To Cure The Winter Blues: Weekend Winery Fun

Last week I talked about what I like to do when it snows and luckily we missed the big effects of Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend. When you're someone like me who isn't fond of snow, and skiing or hiking in all that white stuff this season can be kind of boring. Well, boring unless you have awesome friends with January birthday's who like to celebrate with limo's and wine.

Two of my best friends share birthdays two days apart and when they threw the idea of a wine tour out, I was definitely on board. We spent Saturday in a limo hopping from winery to winery in Pennsylvania & New York and ended with a fun dinner.

I have never done a wine tour, but it's the perfect thing to do when you have a driver, good music, great snacks and even better friends. The birthday girls had the limo stocked with goodies to make the whole drive in between the wineries a blast. 

The first winery we went to was closed, but that didn't put a damper on our day. We stopped at some pretty cool places and got to experience even more than just wine.

South Shore has this incredible cellar and a huge area for tasting. It was a little cold which is to be expected in a stone room in January, but the atmosphere was so cool.

Johnson Estate Winery was one of my favorite stops on the route, because not only could you try wine but you had the option of trying other spirits. I opted for the bourbon and whiskey side of the building and loved all three that I tried. 

You can see Dave, our limo driver in the mirror...he was the coolest guy and gave us a tip to buy the Bloody Mary mix they sold. Obviously I bought a bottle.

I loved all the options on the tasting was a nice switch in the middle of the day from the wine.

You know I will never miss a good sky, even if it means stepping outside during wine tasting in the cold. I love the icicles hanging down too.

One thing I wish I would have done is write down what wines I tasted. I loved one from 21 Brix, there was hints of cotton candy smell and it was really refreshing. I have to say it may have been my favorite winery thanks to their big friend out front.

Once the wine kicked in, I didn't even feel the cold anymore so of course you pose in front of a big pink elephant with the birthday girl. I couldn't get over this creature in the snow, I was laughing so hard taking pictures and snapchats with it.

We ended the day in New York, and as we were getting in the limo I turned and looked out to the vineyard and saw this. It's amazing how beautiful a bitter cold season can be.

You know you're having too good of a time at dinner when you end up with no pictures of it in your camera roll. Sometimes it's nice to simply experience things rather than document them. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Cork, which used to be a bank. The birthday girls reserved the vault, which was pretty fun. We sat at a long table in a private room inside the bank vault and it was really cool to have the room all to ourselves.

The weekend was spent with great company and a first time winery adventure. I also have to share a picture you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram.

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The best way to stay warm this season is by piling in a limo with your friends and doing some winery's a great cure for the winter blues.

Happy Monday friends! What did you do this weekend?

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