January 12, 2016

Dreamy Instagram Inspo // C O L O R

If you missed my announcement last week, then this series is brand new to you but you can catch up by checking out  why I love Instagram so much that I decided to make a series around it.

Dreamy Instagram Inspo is all about showing you some beautiful accounts and helping your creativity and heart grow a little a bit. I have SO MANY great things to share with you guys, but decided to start with something basic that I love. Color.

While you'll often find me dressed in all black, I dream in color. I accessorize with color. I love boldness and vibrancy. I also love Instagram accounts with pictures that pretty much jump off the screen.

I have three awesome accounts to share with you today that use color in the most fun ways. Your eyes are in for a real treat, so check them out.

Rosie // @rclayton

If there's a bright, bold wall around town this cute girl will find it. If she's not looking cool in front of a wall, you can find her seeking out all the coolest spots with neon colors.

A photo posted by r o s i e c l a y t o n (@rclayton) on

Sophie // @sophlog

Her posts are whimsical, full of love and make me feel like I'm in a candy store. I could scroll down her page forever and a smile would never leave my face.

Alisha // @alishylishy

Not only is she from my hometown, and favorite city- Pittsburgh, she has DIY projects that make my crafty heart real happy. She is awesome at styling and makes it fun like no other.

A photo posted by Alisha Johns // lishylishy (@alishylishy) on

I have a lot more colorful accounts to share in the future that make their pictures pop with other elements and share greatness in other categories.

While you're on a following spree-- you should definitely follow me too because not only do I love connecting with my readers, but I'm sharing some tips on my Instagram account throughout the series.

Come join the fun and follow along //  @emeliaanne_

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Today I'm featuring Shine Seeker Sponsor, Kristyn from Dash of Herbs. She shares great recipes that are easy to make and if you don't already follow her on Instagram you need to go click that button right now. Her feed is full of her amazing food and beautiful moments of her life.

I asked Kristyn what her favorite thing to share on Instagram is and she told me finished recipes because they look so pretty and delicious. She's right....check this out.

I hope your day is extra bright and bold and have fun!

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