January 14, 2016

Currently...January 2016

I'm not sure that this post needs any explanation. Life, what's happening my world. It may not always be super exciting, but it's always an adventure. Here's what I've been up to....

Watching: All the reality TV, like always. You guys, it's an obsession and basically I'm not ashamed. The OG Teen Mom's are back and I couldn't be happier. PS- Did anyone see Farrah and Nikki Minaj going at it on Twitter? Is there something else I should be watching...besides Making A Murderer?

Planning:  In my new planner!! I have a Brittany Fuson one for more home and family related things, and I love the size because I can throw it in my purse. I needed a larger one for all things Dream Big & Buy the Shoes and found a the perfect Sugar Paper one at Target. I love getting organized and I'm trying to be as efficient as I can when it comes to life in general. I am on a mission to get stuff done.

Entertaining: Myself by this Snapchat convo I'm having with a stranger. They added me and sent me a picture of Paris in Las Vegas. I was immediately intrigued and thought, am I winning a trip to Vegas? Nope, just some random who added the wrong name on Snapchat. This stranger proceeded to message me and ask if I've ever been to Vegas and tell me they just got off the plane and were already drunk. Well duh,'s Vegas. I then convinced this person to go to Secret Pizza because everyone needs pizza when drunk in Vegas. It was pretty fun until said stranger asked for a Snapchat selfie. Thanks but I'm married and don't send selfies to strangers...only weird ones to my friends.

Looking: At all our Christmas decorations. Still up. I love Christmas as much as Mrs. Claus herself, the reason it's still not down is just because it's not a priority. We're busy. Work, school, life...I just haven't had time right now so it's still up. We just got our first big snowfall this past weekend so having a cozy home still with some sparkling lights and pretty things around make me happy. It may not make my husband happy, but he hasn't freaked out yet.

Wishing: I had some more posts planned out. I usually am a few ahead with some things drafted up or pictures taken, but life has been really busy lately and I'm also getting adjusted to having sponsors and keeping up with it all. It always takes some time to get in the groove with something new and I'm just finding my way this month. I am sure February will be all good.

Tomorrow I have a special post featuring a great group-- the lovely ladies that are on my sidebar this month. See you then!!

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