December 7, 2015

Christmas Isn't Even My Favorite...

I can't stop sharing and talking about all things Christmas.  This holiday makes me so happy and even though it's cold outside, it feels so cozy and cute everywhere else, especially our home.

Did you know Christmas isn't even my favorite holiday? Easter is.  In light of that revelation I thought I would share a few more things about me that you may not know, especially if you're new around here.

My closet is 95% black clothing and 5% other colors that I look at and wear about 1% of the time. I wear all black for work, and when it comes to buying something new...I usually stick to black.

I love sports...especially football and basketball. I'm not a big fan of hockey though, and it's because I can't see the puck to follow the action. I basically just find myself in conversation or on Instagram anytime I'm at a hockey game.

I've heard that cutting dairy from your diet is a good thing. I just can't bring myself to do it. #1- cheese, I mean...I can't stop and #2- what the hell do you wash down a cupcake with?!!.... I LOVE milk.

I am extremely sarcastic and lots of sassy on top of that....I'm not a calm, quiet person's cup of tea. About 5 years ago I stopped apologizing for who I was and owned it. I'm not for everyone, and that's okay.

I am Britney Spears' best friend. She may not know it yet, but I have a special request out to my homie Santa this year. I'm hoping it comes true. You can see what it is on Twitter.

I was never much of a crafter and didn't use a hot glue gun until last year. Now, DIY projects give me a sense of peace and I really enjoy creating things.

I thought I would share my latest project- a DIY Cookie Box..

You only need a few items to jazz up a plain white box and make a nice little package for your holiday goodies.

I picked up these boxes at Wal-Mart a few months ago, remember I used them for my DIY onesie cupcake gifts? I had a few left and knew I could make them more festive so I got out some Washi tape leftover from my wedding crafting and some more gold accessories like a Sharpie and ribbon.

I simply placed tape on the sides, prettied up a plain gift tag and taped it on the top and tied my ribbon. It really took a plain basic box and made it fun for some holiday cookies to gift someone.

I think some of the best gifts are those from the heart. You can make so many great things this season...and I just may have a few ideas for you tomorrow so make sure you come back then.

While you're here...tell me something about yourself I may not know.

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