December 17, 2015

A Minecraft Celebration: Happy 12th Birthday Ethan

Today my awesome stepson Ethan turns 12 and we celebrated his special day this past weekend at one of his favorite places, Dave and Buster's. It's the perfect spot for both children and adults...hello games for all ages and adult beverages. 

I think that having a party at a location outside of your home is easier since you don't have to prepare all the food and a ton of decor, but I still like making it fun and personalized. Here's how I put my own touches on Ethan's birthday celebration.

Ethan is really in to Minecraft, which is a game where you build and dig with different 3D blocks and create worlds to explore. He and his friends play all the time and Ethan loves creating and designing. I thought we could make some Minecraft fun for this year's party and Ethan was really in to it. 

It all started when I was messing around on PicMonkey and made a creeper head, which is the main logo of Minecraft. Ethan saw it and loved it so much that he asked me to make his invitations for the party. I took a stab at it and came up with something that he really liked. 

I don't know much about Minecraft other than what Ethan shows me, so I went to my trusty friend, the Internet to find out some information. From there, I made up some party favors full of sugar and Minecraft fun.

Party favors ready for the guests at Dave & Buster's

Candy, slime balls, diamonds, & of course TNT!

Mike & Ike candies were used for redstone

Plenty of sugar for everyone!

Our favorite candy...personalized M&M's

Our little man's party candy!

How cool were these for the pop?! The kids loved it!

The party group!!

I've been in Ethan's life since he was 4 years old and it's such a blessing to see him grow each year. I love his wild spirit and how he enjoys trying new things like soccer, violin, safety patrol & more. He's really come out of his shell more each year and it makes me so happy. He is the sweetest soul you will ever meet. Ethan thinks of everyone else before himself and usually his Christmas lists start with making sure homeless people have a home for the holidays before he asks for anything. Ethan is kind, loving and my little buddy. I feel so lucky to be his stepmom and I'm grateful for his love. 

Happy Birthday to my little dude, the best kid I know, my best friend. I hope each new year brings you so many amazing things and that you continue to enjoy every second of your life with as much excitement as you do now. 

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