November 9, 2015

Why I Blog

So it's kinda crazy how you openly put your thoughts out there on the Internet and then you hear people talking about your blog and get kinda nervous.
 That happened to me a few weeks ago. I overheard co-workers talking about a post from the day before and I had to eavesdrop for a moment. They were talking about post...saying it was the funniest thing they had read all week.

I was shocked, interested and got nervous before I was excited. I'm not ashamed, but it's that I think some people just don't get it. Why would she write about these things? What is a blog? Why did she even think to start a blog?

No, I'm not in it for the money. I admire the bloggers who can bring in $500 to $5,000 a month. Maybe someday I will be there, but it's not why I'm here. Honestly. I've done a few sponsored posts and get some perks from time to time which is obviously awesome, but it's not why I show up here 4 days a week.

So this is my story... if you're wondering.

I started reading blogs a few years ago. I wish I could recall how I came upon my first one, but I'm almost positive someone shared a friend of a friend's website on Facebook. I first read "Healthy Diva Eats" and loved reading about Katie's day, her adventures, her struggles, and the in's and out's of her life. It was intriguing to me and I felt like she was speaking directly to me sometimes.

Over the next year or so I began finding other blogs and found myself reading 10-15 a night before bed. I discovered more and more and with each one found something more to love.
I talked about blogging for a long time before I took the plunge. After my first month of writing I thought I would run out of topics. Now I don't see that happening. I have so many notes, plans, and ideas written down in notebooks, on my phone, random post-its and my planner.

I blog because I love writing. I may not have a novel in the works  like some other bloggers but the feeling I get sitting down at a computer and connecting with people makes me feel really good.

I blog because I now have a hobby. Let's face it- I don't enjoy working out, I'm not part of a book club, and I really didn't have something that cleared my mind and let me relax like blogging does.
While there are very time consuming factors about this hobby- like editing pictures and scheduling social media to promote my posts, it's the greatest hobby I've ever had.

I blog because it's fun and the feeling I get when someone re-creates one of my DIY projects or e-mails me saying they really enjoyed something I wrote about, or ask me for help makes me extremely happy. Blogging is a wonderful community and every day I feel lucky to call myself a blogger. I've met some beautiful people that I keep in touch with, and one blogger I even got to meet in person. We understand one another and connect on several different levels.

I blog because I whole-heartedly believe that everyone in this world has something to offer. If even one of my posts can make someone happy or inspire them then my heart is happy. I think that age has no limits when it comes to dreaming. I want to make sure everyone feels like they can make a difference from offering a little bit of themselves to the world.

I blog because it's pretty cool to have a voice and an outlet...I call it my little piece of the Internet. I know that anyone can go out there and purchase a domain and do the same thing, but the fact that it's mine and this place is my home makes me feel good about the life I get to live.

I blog because maybe there are other people out there who are obsessed with Britney Spears, cupcakes and the sky just as much as me. I would love to meet them and talk about all that fun stuff, what makes them happy and their biggest dreams.

Thank you for coming here to support my dream, and thank you for making my day a bit happier with each comment you leave. I appreciate each and every one of you and the high I get from all of this is....Why I Blog.

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